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Create beautiful customer dashboards with Luzmo’s data visualization tool

Impress your customers with interactive data visualizations, embedded in your software. Show personalized insights that matter to your customers, with minimal effort and in record time.

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Clunky data exports are costing you customers

Exporting and analyzing data from your SaaS app is a time-consuming and frustrating experience for your customers. With intuitive, embeddable data visualization tools, your customers can explore their data directly inside your product, and make faster, better business decisions.

Visual insights in one glance


Visual insights in one glance

Let your customers slice and dice through interactive, visual dashboards, fully integrated in your software application. Enable better decision-making without ever having to leave your platform.
Rows and rows of raw data

Not so good:

Rows and rows of raw data

Without a quick and easy way to check your core metrics, you risk friction and low engagement with your software. Customers will run off to competitors with more comprehensive data visualization features.

AI-driven customer insights. Effortlessly embedded in your product.

Luzmo’s data visualization platform was purposely designed to embed seamlessly into software applications. Build new dashboards in hours, not weeks, and save time to focus on your core product.

1 - connect data

Import data from anywhere

Easily connect to your preferred data source with our data connectors or open API. Experience lightning-fast queries with our advanced query engine, and data acceleration service.

2 - design dashboards

Instant customer insights

Build engaging customer dashboards with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, or leverage AI for chart suggestions and instant chart creation. Sort, dynamic filter, and drill down for more in-depth analysis.

3 - launch analytics

Maximize your global audience

Unlock user growth with insights that adapt to different time zones and currencies. Scale securely with multi-tenancy. Fuel collaboration with alerts, comments, dashboard sharing and exports.

Build your first embedded data visualizations in less than 15 min

Talk to our product experts for a guided demo and experience the power of Luzmo

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From data to visualization fast

Data visualizations designed to fit in your software. Beautifully engaging insights for your users, with all the flexibility your product team needs.

Customize data visualizations via API

Customize data visualizations via API

Plug-and-play data visualizations that work with any data source or tech stack. Get up and running instantly with just a few lines of code.

Drive decisions with actionable charts

Drive decisions with actionable charts

Change data visualizations interactively. Trigger actions in-app straight from a dashboard. Intuitive drill-down. Take action on visual insights in one click.

Impress customers with beautiful visualizations

Attractive, modern dashboards that impress. Fully customizable, and fully branded to your style. Elegant, dynamic, quirky: take your pick!

Secure data access for every user

Decide which data and visualizations each customer gets to see. Reuse your authentication systems for max security, all with just a few lines of code.

Save hours of time with Luzmo AI

Save hours of time with Luzmo AI

Spend less time building charts and more time delivering insights for your users. Leverage our open API to unleash hyper-personalized data visualizations.

How we help you grow

Hundreds of clients have already chosen Luzmo’s embedded analytics solution to bring business intelligence into their SaaS app, in the form of interactive dashboards.


Weeks to launch a dashboard


Faster go to market


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What our
customers say

“We evaluated a TON of products over an 18 month period, but never found quite the right balance of features, flexibility and ease-of-use that we were looking for... until we came across Luzmo.”

Johan Vosloo, CEO at Headspace Technologies

"I like the flexibility of options it contains, the possibility of having control over the data, and the ease of creating an embedded BI solution in record time. Not a very challenging integration with a great support team."

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead, Kenjo

Data security

Compliant with the latest GDPR and SOC-II regulations, your data security is our priority. Pick your data tenancy of choice (EU/US) or keep data fully stored in your own systems. Take advantage of our flexible, highly secure access rights model.

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