The New Era of AI-Fueled Client-Facing Analytics

Forget traditional embedded analytics. Luzmo's API-first, AI-powered approach revolutionizes customer insights. Effortlessly integrate stunning data visualizations directly into your product.

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Join the data revolution. Reimagine customer insights.

Effortlessly connect your data and leverage AI to create stunning, insightful data visuals. Securely embed them within your platform, empowering users to explore AI-driven insights independently and make smarter, data-informed decisions.

1 - connect data

Sync real-time data. Effortlessly.

Connect your preferred data source in minutes. Choose from 20+ databases and data warehouses – or hook up your own API. All without hassle.

2 - design dashboards

Drag. Drop. Done.

Forget clunky UX. Create and embed dashboards in minutes with intuitive drag and drop. Leverage Luzmo AI for chart suggestions and instant chart creation via text prompts.

3 - launch analytics

Under Development. Briefly.

Unburden your developers. Plug-and-play analytics that fit into any tech stack – in minutes. Angular? Node.js? Python? We speak your language.

4 - empower users

Instant insights at your fingertips.

Watch. Click. Take action. Enable important decisions for your customers in minutes. And see your product satisfaction rates skyrocket.

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Deliver a modern data experience to your users.


AI-enhanced custom reports, ready in a flash.

The quickest way to build and deploy engaging analytics in your product.

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Take your client-facing reporting to new heights.

Seamlessly embed AI-powered data analytics into your product, enabling millions of users to explore insights.

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Your embedded analytics experience reimagined.

Ditch the limitations of traditional BI. Empower users to explore their data like never before with AI-powered interactivity.

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What our
customers say

“We evaluated a TON of products over an 18 month period, but never found quite the right balance of features, flexibility and ease-of-use that we were looking for... until we came across Luzmo.”

Johan Vosloo, CEO at Headspace Technologies

"I like the flexibility of options it contains, the possibility of having control over the data, and the ease of creating an embedded BI solution in record time. Not a very challenging integration with a great support team."

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead, Kenjo

"With Luzmo, we are empowering our customers with fun and easy-to-use dashboarding. The Luzmo team is super friendly, very reactive, and always happy to give us advice."

Coline Bricteux, Product Manager, Marigold

“We couldn’t believe how easy it is for our clients to use Luzmo. It’s really intuitive to explore data, adjust reports and make decisions.”

Agustí Jardí Margalef, Founder, Apogea

"Luzmo is beautiful out of the box – it’s a big plus. And the total customization is incredibly valuable."

Matthieu Vegreville, Co-founder & COO, Greenly

Build your first AI-powered embedded dashboard in less than 15 min.

Unlock the full potential of data analytics using Luzmo’s AI-first solution. Talk to our product experts for a guided demo or get your hands dirty with a free 10-day trial.