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Flooded by individual reporting requests? No more. Impress your product users with interactive data exploration. Set the new standard.

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Complexity to clarity. Fast.

All the tools your customers need to mine insights. Quickly and intuitively. Drive confident data-driven decisions, and boost product usage.

Give power to your users.

Insights at your customers’ fingertips – in a fun, intuitive interface. Empower confident decisions like they’ve never seen before.

Be a pioneer in product innovation.

Advanced business intelligence capabilities, infused straight into your product. From AI-powered analytics to self-serve data exploration.

More product usage. Less churn.

Dive deep into data, all from within the comfort of your SaaS platform. Give your customers no reason to ever leave your platform again.

Monetize your data.

Impactful insights your customers want to pay for. Add new revenue streams to your SaaS pricing model with value-adding insights. Literally.

What our
customers say

“We evaluated a TON of products over an 18 month period, but never found quite the right balance of features, flexibility and ease-of-use that we were looking for... until we came across Luzmo.”

Johan Vosloo, CEO at Headspace Technologies

"I like the flexibility of options it contains, the possibility of having control over the data, and the ease of creating an embedded BI solution in record time. Not a very challenging integration with a great support team."

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead, Kenjo

"With Luzmo, we are empowering our customers with fun and easy-to-use dashboarding. The Luzmo team is super friendly, very reactive, and always happy to give us advice."

Coline Bricteux, Product Manager, Marigold

“We couldn’t believe how easy it is for our clients to use Luzmo. It’s really intuitive to explore data, adjust reports and make decisions.”

Agustí Jardí Margalef, Founder, Apogea

"Luzmo is beautiful out of the box – it’s a big plus. And the total customization is incredibly valuable."

Matthieu Vegreville, Co-founder & COO, Greenly

Your product experience. Supercharged.

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Next-level interactive analytics.

More than just filters. Change charts interactively. Trigger actions in-app straight from a dashboard. Intuitive drill-down. All in a few clicks.

Self-service dashboard editor.

A fully fledged BI tool – seamlessly injected in your software app. Let product users directly edit and create their own dashboards with simple drag & drop.


Set up anything from authentication to personalization. With all the flexibility your dev team needs. Works in any tech stack.

Build your first embedded dashboard in less than 15 min

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