HR Analytics Software: Visualize Key HR Metrics in Your App.

Add analytics dashboards to your HR software. Provide end-users with key metrics and actionable insights about their human resources operations.

Analytics solution for data-driven HR professionals

Launch dashboards more quickly.

No developers needed - launch your dashboards in days, not weeks. Add a custom dashboard with HR metrics to your SaaS product without using additional developer resources.

Give your customers a user-friendly analytics platform.

Real-time data analysis that anyone can understand - even if they’re not data scientists. Enable your end-users to see the impact of your tool on real-world HR metrics.

Upsell your end users with all-in-one data analytics.

Easier decision-making and access to key HR metrics in real time. Provide more value to your customers and drive expansion revenue for your product.

What our
customers say

“Reporting has always been crucial to our customers. We saw that clients have always heavily used the export functionality. However, it asks a lot of time and effort to manually analyze these exports. Thanks to the integration with Luzmo, clients can now view or create a ready-made report in just a few clicks.”

“Our customers started proactively asking for insights. Now, they are using these reports on a daily basis to steer their organizations. The analytics help them gain more value out of Speakap as a whole.”

“From creating the dashboards to embedding them in our platform: it was all very straight-forward. The entire process took us only a few days.”

Add data analytics to your HR software offering.

Embedded analytics

Add an HR analytics tool within your SaaS application. Visualize your key HR metrics in a way your end-users understand them.

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Embedded dashboard editor

Let your end-users create and edit HR analytics dashboards. Each user can create a fully customized dashboard for their needs.

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Example dashboards for


Turn your data into actionable insights with these analytics dashboard examples.

Project management dashboard

Help your users keep track of resource planning across different projects. This dashboard includes metrics such as revenue per project, (non-)billable hours of employees and more.

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Recruitment dashboard

Keep a pulse on the hiring pipeline and improve your talent management.

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Corporate training dashboard

Find out the effectiveness of your corporate training and its effects on employee performance.

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Employee satisfaction dashboard

Improve employee engagement and retention and lower employee turnover with key people data.

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Case studies

Get inspired by HR companies using embedded analytics in their product.

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