BigQuery, MongoDB and Elasticsearch Plugin Updates


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We’ve added some improvements to MongoDB, BigQuery and Elasticsearch plugins to give you the best query performance possible. 

The listed capabilities below refer to performing query actions directly on the source dataset, known as "pushdown," which enhances performance by minimizing data transfer. Although these actions are already supported, executing them at the data source rather than within our system greatly increases efficiency.


  • Spec v3 metadata retrieval
  • Join
  • Order/Limit
  • Distinct count
  • SQL
  • Like filters
  • 🆕Nested filtering


  • 🆕Spec v3 metadata retrieval
  • 🆕Order/Limit
  • 🆕Distinct Count
  • 🆕Like filters
  • 🆕Nested filtering


  • 🆕Spec v3 metadata retrieval

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