Goodbye, Welcome Luzmo!

September 5, 2023

Karel Callens is rebranding and becoming Luzmo! Find out why we rebranded, what this means for our customers, and what the future holds.

SaaS companies generate billions of data every day. But turning that data into insights can be slow, expensive, and difficult. To help SaaS brands turn data into impact for their product users fast, we are launching our new brand: Luzmo. is now Luzmo

Over the past 8 years, has turned into a growing success story, with a product that our customers love. It’s led us to offices both sides of the Atlantic, our recent Series A funding, and impressive growth. Nevertheless, we felt that our brand was limiting our further growth. And that with some work, there was an opportunity to better represent what we do, and how we do it.

Our team has been working tirelessly over the past months to develop a new brand that better describes our mission.

Luzmo accelerates impact by giving people a better picture of the world through data.

Luzmo is all about revealing impact. With Luzmo, SaaS companies get the tools to show their users data-led insights, rapidly fast. 

For our customers, this means a fast way to get accessible end-user analytics for their products. You can show the data behind the product to your users. Luzmo is a catalyst that transforms the way your end users get value from your data.

On a global level, we are aiming for a brighter world where data insights are within everyone’s reach.

Why Luzmo?

The name Luzmo did not come by accident. It’s an evocative, bold representation of what our company does.

  • Luz = light in Spanish. We illuminate our customers and help them make more data-driven decisions. No more sitting in the darkness of the piles of numbers and unstructured data.
  • Mo = more. As in more light, more knowledge, and insights. But also, it means “motion”, reflecting the dynamic nature of our data insights and visualizations

It’s the meaning behind our mission and vision: to bring light into the world of SaaS and uncover data insights for businesses and their users.

Why did we decide to rebrand?

We needed the world to understand that we reveal impact quickly, easily, and in an inventive way. We wanted to make data accessible to literally anyone in the world. Interpreting data should no longer be restricted to data scientists and developers.

If everyone can read and interpret data, they can make better decisions about the future.

We believe that a new identity was necessary to reflect this new mission and vision.

There are three main reasons why became Luzmo.

First, internationalization and growth. We want to become even more globally present.

Second, a more professional, future-proof brand.

Last but not least, a better representation of our purpose.

Use the Luzmo magic to delight your customers

With Luzmo, you become the catalyst for your customers. We give you the tools to transform the way your users get and understand data. That way, your customers can see the data behind the product they use.

For example, if you have an email marketing app, your customers send millions of emails daily, leaving you with countless rows of data. Without context, this data means nothing.

Luzmo lets you take that data and turn it into interactive dashboards your customers can understand. Even more importantly, they can learn from it and make better decisions.

With Luzmo, you can take those rows of data and turn them into visualizations that are easy to read. For example, your users can see how many emails they sent, which emails perform the best and bring in the most revenue.

Your customers get insights immediately - all it takes is a few clicks. Zeroes and ones turn into colorful graphs right in front of their eyes.

The end result of that magic? More value from your product to your customers. Better retention, less churn, more revenue. And it all starts with using data to tell a story.

What’s next?

We’ve done a full rebrand of our website and app - so go ahead and check them out today at! If you want to give Luzmo a try, grab a free trial and start today!

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