Supply chain and logistics

Supply chain analytics software for SaaS businesses.

Add an embedded analytics dashboard to your logistics, supply chain or mobility software app. Seriously fast.

Advanced analytics for your supply chain management app.

Launch a dashboard functionality in days, not months.

Add a data analytics feature and empower better decision-making in your users. Help them understand your product value with intuitive dashboards.

Bring business intelligence and relevant KPIs to all stakeholders.

Delight your customers with an intuitive and interactive analytics solution, inside your logistics app. Don't settle for less than a superb user experience.

Upsell your end-users with supply chain visibility.

Drive revenue expansion with embedded dashboard as an add-on feature. Provide more value with data insights and improve customer experience.

What our
customers say

We can now produce and expose reports in a fraction of the time it would have cost us to build it fully ourselves.

We are using Luzmo dashboards for crowd management during massive events. Thanks to Luzmo, we were able to help police teams keep spectators safe during The Tour of Flanders, one of the largest cycling races in Belgium.

At PhiRater, we want our transport intelligence tool to be as easy, user-friendly as possible. From that angle, Luzmo is a very suitable extension to our platform. Even people without any technical knowledge can build very beautiful and easy to interpret dashboards.

Two ways Luzmo helps supply chain and mobility businesses.

Embedded analytics

Add data and metrics from your entire supply chain operations in beautiful, interactive dashboards. Fully integrated inside your SaaS platform’s interface.

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Embedded dashboard editor

Let your customers create their dashboards for forecasting and optimization of their supply chain.

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Example dashboards for

Supply chain and logistics

Turn your data into actionable insights with these analytics dashboard examples.

Supply chain management dashboard

Help customers optimize their supply chain processes with real-time information and prevent disruptions.

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Inventory management dashboard

Get a visualization of your current inventory levels and be prepared to meet customer demand with accurate inventory and supply chain insights.

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Transportation management dashboard

Give customers real-time access into the value of their shipments, freight and cost per shipment and other metrics that impact their bottom line.

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Use cases in mobility & logistics

How Luzmo helps with supply chain planning and analytics for mobility and logistics.

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