Marketing analytics software - embedded in your SaaS app.

Tailored marketing dashboards for your AdTech, media or communication app. Uncover valuable insights, and start driving successful campaigns for your product users.

Essential marketing KPIs in one place: your SaaS product.

Empower data-driven decisions for marketers.

With advanced visualization tools in Luzmo, marketing teams can finally see the results of their marketing efforts in real time. Diving deep into key marketing metrics was never as easy.

Launch interactive dashboards quickly.

No complex engineering needed. Connect your marketing software to Luzmo and share beautiful dashboards full of campaign insights. Embedded directly in your product in days, not months.

Monetize your marketing data.

Sell business intelligence as an add-on to your marketing platform. Unlock expansion revenue by giving customers insights about marketing performance, from website analytics to social media management.

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By choosing Luzmo instead of the bulky BI tools, we have high confidence that our clients will heavily use the feature to build dashboards on their own.

Luzmo allows us to centralize everything in one platform for our customers: from raw data to strong visual dashboards.

Dashboard solutions for media and marketing software.

Embedded analytics

Add a user-friendly dashboard to your SaaS product in a matter of days. Bolts onto your marketing, media or AdTech software seamlessly. No complex data integrations needed.

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Embedded dashboard editor

Let your customers create their own marketing dashboards in your media or AdTech app with Luzmo. Fully customizable data visualization, built for your customers to self-explore.

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Example dashboards for


Turn your data into actionable insights with these analytics dashboard examples.

Email marketing dashboard

Everything about your email marketing campaign performance in a single dashboard. Showcase data from your email campaigns and help your customers’ decision-making.

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Social media analytics dashboard

Plug in data from various social media marketing channels to your app. Boost growth with relevant data such as conversion rates, follower growth, ROAS and more.

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Digital marketing dashboard

Add a reporting tool to your SaaS platform and connect various marketing sources: Google Analytics, Google Ads and others for a cross-channel digital marketing analytics dashboard.

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Marketing automation dashboard

Understand the results of your marketing automation strategies: from attribution and user behavior to in-depth data analysis, visualized in a functional, beautiful dashboard.

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Get inspired by marketing analytics success stories

See how major marketing and media software companies have succesfully improved their customer-facing reporting with Luzmo.

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