Retail and E-commerce

Retail analytics for SaaS and e-commerce.

Bring retail and e-commerce data to life with Luzmo’s embedded analytics. All the essential KPIs for retail businesses in one place: your SaaS platform.

Turn your retail users into data scientists.

Engage retailers with easy analytics tools.

Give retailers the tools to analyze their sales, revenue, customer satisfaction or product inventory. Help them expose what’s blocking (or boosting!) their growth, and see engagement on your retail platform skyrocket.

More sales. For you and your users.

Upsell retailers with analytics tools that guarantee them more sales. And as a result, boost your retail platform’s revenue by selling analytics tools as an add-on or in higher pricing tiers. It’s a win-win situation!

Launch data analytics seriously fast.

Launch interactive retail analytics in days, not months. Connect Luzmo’s embedded analytics software to your retail app in minutes. Drag-and-drop a dashboard together, and embed it with just a few lines of code.

What our
customers say

Luzmo showed us that 23% of a 2-year-old stock had never been promoted in-store. Thanks to Luzmo, we can monitor our inventory more closely and spot these issues before they happen, which saves us a lot of money.

Luzmo enabled us to quickly embed beautiful and easy-to-build dashboards in our portal for e-retailers. They greatly value the insights, which help them to make key decision on their marketing spend.

Two ways to use retail analytics with Luzmo.

Embedded analytics

Build retail dashboards with simple drag and drop, and embed them seamlessly into your SaaS app’s interface. Whether it’s sales data, inventory levels, or retail operations: we help you expand your retail SaaS product with value-adding reporting.

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Embedded dashboard editor

Let retail and e-commerce store owners explore their supply chain or sales data on their own! Edit prepopulated dashboards or build one from scratch with advanced business intelligence features, embedded in your retail app.

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Example dashboards for

Retail and E-commerce

Turn your data into actionable insights with these analytics dashboard examples.

E-commerce dashboard

Help e-retailers track sales and revenue metrics for their webshop. This dashboard shows the purchase funnel, sales over time, most popular products and average order value.

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Inventory management dashboard

Help retailers manage the supply chain with real-time insights on inventory and shipping status. This dashboard template includes metrics such as real vs expected shipping time, warehouse availability and which products are in and out of stock.

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Webshop optimization dashboard

Give e-commerce managers insights into their webshop’s performance. Track webshop visitors over time and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, social media and other acquisition channels in this template dashboard.

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Retail profits dashboard

Help retailers keep track of their finances with a template dashboard showing which webshops and products are most profitable, including the average profit margin and total revenue for different product lines.

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