Add property analytics capabilities to your software.

Empower your customers with data analytics for the real estate industry. Use analytics tools to get real-time data on your properties: from leasing to construction.

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Give customers insights about their properties, fast.

Launch dashboards more quickly

Build dashboards in hours, not weeks or months. Save development time and resources for your core product features. No need to ask your developers to build a dashboard - use Luzmo instead.

Get a competitive edge.

Share real-time data inside your real estate technology to empower data-driven decisions. Stay ahead of the competition by giving end-users insights about their proptech data.

Monetize your real estate data.

Go from data collection to offering customers insights into their portfolio, agent performance, building management issues and more. Give end-users information on where to save money and make profit.

What our
customers say

“Luzmo allowed us to reduce the time to produce a dashboard from weeks to days. Even to hours.”

“Luzmo has very advanced dashboarding capabilities. Besides, you don’t need any technical or programming knowledge to use them. Not only can I easily adapt the styling & colors to match the Workero brand, they also look good on every device, which is important for our partners, who are always on the go.”

“For us, it was really easy to implement Luzmo and integrate it into our software. But what’s even more powerful is how easy it is for our clients to use. It’s really intuitive to explore data, understand what’s happening, and change their strategy. And if some metrics are no longer relevant for our clients in 2 or 3 months, we can change the dashboards with little effort, and uncover new opportunities with them.”

Two ways to use proptech analytics with Luzmo.

Embedded analytics

Create a dashboard and embed it in your website or app. Give your customers an overview of their real estate investments data at a glance.

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Embedded dashboard editor

Let your customers create and edit their own dashboards from our builder. Enable faster and more accurate decision-making.

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Example dashboards for


Turn your data into actionable insights with these analytics dashboard examples.

Property management dashboard

Get a full overview of your portfolio, requests and tenant ratings for each property you own.

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Real estate sales dashboard

Ideal for real estate companies who want an overview of sales agent performance across marketplaces.

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Construction site management dashboard

Stay on top of real estate development by tracking budgets, deadlines, quality inspections, and more

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Rentals Dashboard

Give rental managers a handle on all their rental properties. This dashboard visualizes how many properties are currently rented, the average rent, total rent income, and which geographical areas are most profitable.

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Proptech industry case studies

Get inspired by proptech companies using Luzmo to offer embedded analytics features to their customers.

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