Customer Experience SaaS Analytics Sentiment Report 2022

December 5, 2022

Mieke Houbrechts

We reviewed the in-app analytics of the top Customer Experience SaaS vendors on G2. Our findings reveal there's room for improvement.

According to NewVoiceMedia, US businesses are losing up to $62 billion due to poor customer experience. However, these businesses can only improve once they understand what bothers their customers in the first place.

Most support teams use customer experience software to streamline their operations. Luckily, these tools generate tons of insightful data that drive smarter decisions. But how much insight are support teams really getting from these tools? Are these reporting features at all useful?

We researched what users are saying on the software review site G2, here’s what we found.


For this study, we analyzed user reviews of 40 Customer Experience (CX) platforms on G2. We selected vendors from the two biggest CX software categories.

The research only includes vendors that have at least one review mentioning analytics. For a balanced result, the 40 selected vendors range from category leaders to niche software.

Customer Success software grid on G2
Example of the G2 quadrant for Customer Success software

During the research process, we found and documented over 1,300 reviews containing keywords like ‘reports’, ‘dashboard’, and ‘analytics’. We classified all reviews as positive, negative, or neutral sentiment, and analyzed the content of more than 150 recent reviews in more detail to map the common concerns.

Besides user reviews, we also assessed how each vendor promotes and monetizes their analytical features by looking at

  • Feature pages on their websites
  • Pricing pages mentioning analytics

What users say about analytics in Customer Experience SaaS

Whether good or bad feedback, 14% of all the reviews talk about analytics, dashboards or reports. While this is lower than our 20% benchmark, CX software vendors shouldn’t overlook this statistic. Even though analytics is only a fraction of what a CX tool can do, more than 1 in 10 users care enough to bring up analytics in their online reviews.

Now, what does this feedback look like?

92% of all platforms received at least one negative review about their analytics feature set. Only 3 platforms managed to escape any negative publicity. Luckily, 85% received more positive than negative reviews.

Despite this positive signal, 520 reviews — or a whopping 37% of the total reviews — expressed concerns or complaints. This fact spurred us to investigate what product users consider a bad analytics experience.

Most common customer experience analytics complaints

Even though it’s never fun to read negative reviews, they are a valuable opportunity for improvement. Let’s zoom in on the top three complaints.

Ease of use is the most common complaint across all reviews. For 70% of the tools, users found the analytics annoying or difficult to use. It often takes too much time to set up a report and get the insights they need.

Customer experience SaaS user quote regarding clunky analytics

Secondly, 58% of the researched customer experience platforms don’t present the data their users want to see. Due to the layout, interface or functionality of the dashboard, customers can’t always find the information they need to make better decisions.

Customer experience SaaS user quote complaining about not finding the insights they need in the analytics of the CX platform

Finally, limited customization options are a noteworthy irritation as well. For 58% of the tools, customer experience reps express their need to create their own reports, tweak the reports they have, etc. This ability would let them deeply explore their data and find granular insights they won’t find otherwise.

Customer experience SaaS user quote complaining about limited customization of analytics

Other concerns that often came up:

  • Too much clutter in the reports (43%)
  • Difficult to take immediate action, disconnected from their workflows (43%)
  • Reports lack interactivity like filters and drill-down (35%)

While negative reviews reveal areas of improvement, we shouldn’t forget to look at positive reviews. Generally, product users love an easy-to-use dashboard with a clean look and feel. Tools get praised on G2 when the reports save time and help customer success reps take action immediately when a customer had a bad experience.

Unique selling point for Customer experience software

Analytics are a visual aid to help sell your product. In fact, 82% of the analyzed customer experience platforms advertise analytics features on their website. Approximately 75% even have a dedicated page to display their analytics feature set.

Example of helpdesk software Freshdesk showcasing reporting dashboards on their website
Example of helpdesk software Freshdesk showing reporting dashboards as a USP on their website

From the user reviews, it’s clear that support teams care about the right insights to improve their customer experience. So it’s no surprise that relevant, interactive analytics are a magnet to attract new customers.

On the contrary, customer experience software tools even monetize their analytics. As much as 75% of the vendors include analytics as a selling point to upsell users to a higher pricing tier. The more value your analytics add for your customers, the more they are willing to pay for it.

The state of customer-facing analytics in Customer experience SaaS

Even though every tool we researched offers analytics features, some are more robust than others. Customer success teams want easy-to-use dashboards with a nice and clean look and feel. They dislike dashboards that don’t show the data they need, are confusing or don’t allow for customization and making edits.

For product managers in Customer Experience SaaS, these annoyances are a huge opportunity.

Now that you know where other customer experience software tools drop the ball, you have the chance to do better! When done well, you can stand out against competitors and gain market share.

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