Confident decisions for Everyone with the Embedded Dashboard Editor

Embedded Analytics
Oct 5, 2022
Confident decisions for Everyone with the Embedded Dashboard Editor

Data are everywhere

With billions of data points generated daily, it’s becoming a challenge to turn that raw data into confident decisions with impact.

There are 3x more job openings in data science than there are data scientists.

Meanwhile, the demand for meaningful insights is on the rise.

Data-driven businesses are 23x more likely to attract new business, and 19x more likely to be profitable. With rapidly changing markets, businesses need insights to pivot fast and stay afloat. The ones who make quick, data-informed decisions are winning the day.

But how do we bridge the gap between demand and supply?

An intuitive analytics experience for everyone

Business users are ready to take the matter into their own hands. Their ask is simple: an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require a PhD in data science.

In more than 4,600 software product reviews, business users reveal their three biggest frustrations when using reporting and charts in their favorite software tools.

  1. A clunky UI
  2. A lack of relevant insights
  3. The inability to make small edits to their specific context

At the same time, software vendors admit they have a hard time building advanced analytics without sacrificing user experience.

More than 80 SaaS builders testify that customer-facing analytics is not their core area of expertise, nor do they have the time and resources to build scalable reporting from scratch. The result is a suboptimal compromise: data dumps and hours of manual, ad-hoc reporting.

Empower anyone to make data-informed decisions with the embedded dashboard editor

Today, you can take the first step in empowering your users. No more steep learning curves and heavy training efforts for your users. No more months of development for your engineers.

Luzmo's embedded dashboard editor

Luzmo (formerly introduces the embedded dashboard editor. A self-service hub for software users to create and edit reports, seamlessly embedded in the interface of your SaaS platform with only a few lines of code.

Let your customers play around with their data, exactly how they like it.

  • Clone and edit dashboard variants
  • Create reports from scratch
  • Enrich insights with private business data
  • Collaborate on insights

With this enhanced experience, your customers finally have control to make critical decisions with more unique nuance, driving business results quicker and more confidently than ever. Drive real impact in your customer’s business, leading to more product engagement and customer loyalty for your SaaS platform.

Are you dealing with tons of minor reporting requests that simply don’t scale to your entire user base? The embedded dashboard editor offers a great solution. Get in touch with our product experts today for a consultation.

Build your first embedded dashboard in less than 15 min

Experience the power of Luzmo. Talk to our product experts for a guided demo  or get your hands dirty with a free 10-day trial.