5 Learnings Every SaaS Product Manager Should Remember From AX Forum

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Oct 6, 2022
5 Learnings Every SaaS Product Manager Should Remember From AX Forum

On September 27, 2022, SaaS builders and product managers gathered in Leuven to learn about building the analytics experience their customers crave.

At the analytics experience forum, 5 experts shared on stage how they used embedded analytics to enable confident, data-informed business decisions for their customers.

Couldn’t make it? Get access to all the replays below, or skip through the key learnings to remember.

To build a great user experience, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Access the full playlist with talks here.

1. Every customer wants different insights

In his opening talk, Luzmo’s CEO Karel Callens highlights how the future will evolve into a “choose your own adventure experience”. More and more SaaS companies will start giving more firepower to their end-users. This could mean many things.

  • Make their own edits on the standard reports in your application
  • Create their own dashboards from scratch
  • Enrich insights by adding their own private data

Below, he explains how you can build a reporting engine that’s relevant to thousands of users, without getting lost in the feature requests of individual power users.

2. Not every metric brings value to your customers

From his years of experience in product management, Christian Colding shares the common pitfalls when building a data infrastructure.

Over and over, companies make the same mistake of trying to measure everything. They end up using none of that data, or looking at data that doesn’t really matter.

In this talk, Christian shares how you can be more successful as a “metric sceptic”. Below are his frameworks to define the essential metrics that will drive business success for your customers.

3. Good UX is more than a nice and intuitive design

Olivier de Lamotte, Head of Product for SaaS platform Qualifio, shares the key ingredients of a good analytics user experience. Backed by examples from their own marketing platform, he talks in-depth about:

  • Speed and timely syncing of data
  • Accessibility
  • Appealing design
  • Relevance and customization
  • The link to a user’s context
  • and more

See for yourself what that could look like below.

4. The most successful analytics are co-created with your customers

Luc Cogneau, Account Executive at telecom operator Proximus, has worked with Flemish cities and governments to leverage cellphone signal data for public safety and policy making.

For example, Proximus developed visual tools for a variety of use cases.

  • A crowd barometer for citizens and cities to monitor crowds at the Belgian coast during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Crowd control for police departments to ensure safety during the Tour of Flanders

Below he explains the importance of co-creating with customers to create more value for your end-users.

5. Insights don’t matter if they don’t drive action

Your customers aren’t looking for data. They aren’t looking for insights. They are looking for confident decisions that move the needle in their business. If your customers can’t find insights and act upon them with ease, your analytics experience has massive potential for improvement.

Jonathan Wuurman, VP of Marketing for marketing platform Actito, shares some nifty tricks on how to make your SaaS analytics more actionable. He’ll show an example of their next-level segment builder, which allows you to build email segments directly from a marketing performance dashboard in a few clicks.

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