12 Best White Label Software to Try in 2024

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Oct 3, 2023
12 Best White Label Software to Try in 2024

When you run a business, you’re looking to save costs and improve return on investment. And in today’s age, when each business uses dozens of apps, saving the cost on app subscriptions simply makes sense. One way to do that is to purchase white label software.

These tools allow you to put your name and and logo design on them and appear more professional to your clients and customers. You save the cost, get professional tools at the fraction of a custom solution and you impress your end users and customers. What’s not to like?

We’ll show you some of the best white label tools you can use today, whether you run an agency or a small business.

What is white label software?

White label software is a tool that allows its customers to remove all company branding and sell it or lease it to their users. That way, businesses don’t have to build software of their own for a specific use case. Instead, they can purchase white label SaaS tools

The benefits of using white label software

There are many white label SaaS tools out there that put a huge focus on this part of their offer. As it turns out, there are many benefits to white labeling.

First, the cost. For example, if you want to use a reporting tool, you can build your own and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on development costs. You can also grab an existing reporting tool on the market, pay for it, and have their logo displayed on your reports. Or simply, use a white label tool for a fraction of the cost and add your own company logo to your reports.

Two, the reputation. With a white label tool, the client or customer has the impression that the end product is yours. This makes you appear as a reputable player in the market, someone who can afford a top-notch tool or build it on their own.

Third, faster time to market. If you’re building a new product, a white label tool can help you ship it much more quickly. You’re grabbing a product off the shelf, as opposed to developing it in house, which would take months of development time and a lot of resources.

Last but not least, there is no need for extra people on board. You don’t have to hire an extra app developer or two just to add a new functionality to your app.

The best white label tools to try in 2023

Whether you have a SaaS tool, a mobile app or run an agency offering marketing services, there is a white label solution for your needs below. Keep on reading to learn more.

Luzmo - for white label embedded analytics


Dashboards are an incredibly useful feature for SaaS apps. They give users control of their information and help them discover the value of an app faster. For the SaaS company, dashboards lead to better customer lifetime value, higher retention and expansion revenue and much more.

Luzmo is a white label embedded analytics tool that allows anyone to build an embedded dashboard in hours - not weeks or months. From proptech, fintech, martech and any other type of industry, we’ve helped SaaS companies create white label analytics tools.

Pricing: starts at $950 per month, but you can grab your trial completely free.

Whatagraph - for white label agency reporting


Marketing agencies have a heavy workload and a major part of it is the reporting on marketing campaigns. They need to send out reports on a weekly or monthly basis and never miss a beat. And while free solutions like Looker Studio do work, they are not exactly user-friendly.

Whatagraph has a range of white label reports, for social media management, SEO forecasting, PPC, and many other use cases. Digital marketing agencies love Whatagraph because the white labeling is super easy to use, much like their drag and drop dashboard and the large variety of templates.

Pricing: starts at $223 per month

Userpilot - for white label in-app product onboarding and engagement


You already have an app but want to provide even more value from it to your users? Want to increase customer lifetime value and stickiness and reduce churn? Userpilot is a great all-in-one tool for product managers who want to do just that.

Within Userpilot, you can create product onboarding flows, in-app engagement tool tips and notifications, as well as measure the key product analytics around your app. Userpilot lets you do that with a simple API connection so you don’t have to build this massive engine with your in-house developers.

Pricing: starts at $249 per month.

Brevo - for white label email marketing


Brevo, formerly known as Sendinblue, is one of the leaders in the email service provider market. While Sendinblue was focused primarily on email, Brevo is a comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform, with a CRM, chatbot and SMS applications.

However, you can still get their white label services in the email department. You can add your custom domain, logo, colors, log-in and log-out page and much more. Essentially, you can do a full rebrand of Brevo and offer it as an email marketing software to your own customers.

Pricing: starts at $25 per month

Mention - for white label social media monitoring and sentiment analysis


Mention is a social media monitoring tool that lets their customers track their favorite terms across the web and social media. For example, every time someone mentions the term “SaaS” or your brand name, you can get notified in your Mention dashboard or email. Marketing agencies use this tool for social media monitoring for their clients.

With the white label offer, agencies and business owners can create social media monitoring reports that are fully custom. No Mention branding, just an immersive experience for the end-user who want great reputation management results.

Pricing: starts at $41 per month

Paddle - for white label payments 


If you want to incorporate payments, taxes, subscriptions and more into your SaaS product, you can go two routes. Build your own solutions and spend thousands of dollars or just use Paddle. This tool manages everything: collecting payments, taking care of taxes, managing failed payments, retaining customers and more.

You can use Paddle to build your own payment system or if you do web development, you can grab their white label offer and resell their solution to your own customers. With 4,000 existing customers, you know Paddle is a great product worth being resold.

Pricing: starts at 5% + 50 cents per transaction

Bookafy - for white label appointment booking


Booking appointments is a major drain of time in any industry, and Bookafy helps automate that. With this tool, your reps can book appointments in real time, with scheduling, reminders, payments, video conferencing and much more. You can use it to offer new appointments straight into your website.

Or even better, you can use the white label feature and resell Bookafy with new websites you build. You can adjust the branding to match the website, blending the product seamlessly into new websites. Or simply sell Bookafy as a standalone solution to other businesses for a profit.

If you need just a PDF, there are many white label SaaS tools such as interactive PDF makers, design tools and brochure creators out there that put a huge focus on this part of their offer.

Pricing: starts at $9 per user per month

Simvoly - for white label website building


If you want to build a website but don’t have the technical chops for it, Simvoly should be one of your first choices. With a wide array of customization options, it allows just about anyone to build a website from scratch. Do lead generation, create a funnel for a product or simply build a beautiful landing page with this tool.

Their white label website builder allows agencies and businesses to resell Simvoly to others. If you do software development and want to resell a website builder to clients who don’t want to hire you, this is an excellent choice to make an extra income. In terms of lead generation software, this is one of the top ones to get.

Pricing: starts at $59 per month

SERanking - for white label SEO reports


SEO is one of the most popular marketing services for agencies and SERanking is a top-notch software product for search engine optimization professionals. You can use SERanking to do website audits, keyword research, competitive analysis, monitor backlinks, and other activities related to your marketing strategy.

As an agency, you might want to personalize and rebrand the reports that you send to clients and provide a fully customized customer experience. SERanking lets you remove all of their branding, host reports on a special domain, change the design of the reports, and much more.

Pricing: starts at $44 per month

Brosix - for employing end-to-end encryption on all communication channels.


Brosix is ​​the leading team communication platform, providing businesses and organizations with a secure and reliable way to collaborate and share information. Brosix' advanced features and easy-to-use interface make it easy for teams to stay connected and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Brosix was designed with a range of chat options. You can either create a group chat with other team members or chat privately. Screen-sharing and unlimited file transfers are other of the great features Brosix provides. It allows collaboration on projects in real time.You can also sync with your other devices and its cloud storage allows you access to your files from anywhere.

As a communication app for teams, Brosix is a secure instant messenger for business which allows you to stay connected with your team. 

Pricing: Free plan -  for small teams getting started. Business plans - start at $4 per user per month

Service Provider Pro – for white label client portals

service provider pro

Managing clients, projects, payments and files is a major headache for most service businesses. Luckily, Service Provider Pro has a solution that specifically targets agencies and anyone else selling services these days. Make it easy for clients to subscribe to your plans, or buy one-time services with order forms. Give them access to a client portal where they can download invoices, get an overview of their orders, and stay in touch with you.

Thanks to its white label capabilities, you can make SPP look like your very own software. Plus, advanced features such as the template editor and API allow you to include your favorite tools into the client portal software.

Pricing: starts at $129 per month

Wrapping up

Whether you want to tap into new markets, provide custom solutions to your existing customers, save money on development or marketing tools, or ship products more quickly, a white label SaaS platform can help.

And if you want to show your end users key metrics about your app and convince them that you’re solving their problems even more quickly - simply add a dashboard to your tool. With Luzmo, you can create a white label embedded analytics dashboard in hours, delighting your customers and boosting your revenue.

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