How Kenjo Drove 90% Weekly Adoption of Dashboards in Their HR App

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrehcts

How Kenjo Drove 90% Weekly Adoption of Dashboards in Their HR App

Quick summary

About Kenjo:

Industry: HR Tech

Company size: 51-100 employees

HQ: Berlin

Customer-facing reporting challenges:

❌ Customers struggle to get insights with Excel exports and data manipulation 

❌ Customers want to retain full control over their data and permissions

❌ Standard dashboards are no longer enough to fulfill their customer’s need to explore data

Solution with embedded analytics:‍

✔️ Interactive, multilingual dashboards, seamlessly embedded in Kenjo’s platform

✔️ Easy-to-manage permission system for dashboards

✔️ First successful PoC for users to create their own dashboard variants

Company profile: Kenjo

In industries that rely heavily on frontline workers like manufacturing, retail, or healthcare, it can be difficult to stay on top of your HR processes. Kenjo helps SMBs manage this deskless workforce with an all-in-one HR platform. From recruitment to payroll, performance management, or attendance: Kenjo helps you optimize your most important people management processes and operations.

With a mobile and desktop app, Kenjo serves over 1,000 companies, helping more than 40,000 frontline employees stay connected to their employers.

To make better decisions about their personnel and operations, Kenjo’s users wanted to tap into the rich HR data in Kenjo. To turn all of that data into quick, bite-size insights, Kenjo embedded easy-to-use dashboards in their platform with Luzmo. Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead of Kenjo’s analytics team, looks back at his experience.

Example of an embedded Luzmo dashboard in Kenjo
Example of an embedded dashboard in Kenjo

The challenge: useful HR metrics all in one place

Kenjo takes a feedback-centric approach to improve their product. After many customer interviews, analyzing NPS surveys and gathering feedback from internal teams, they saw a clear pattern among customers. They wanted new ways to leverage the rich employee data available in Kenjo.

“Our customers complained about having to export and manipulate data to get the insights they need. What they wanted was simple, meaningful insights in one single place to help them make decisions faster.”

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead at Kenjo

An integrated experience was key: dashboards, charts and reports had to be accessible right from within the Kenjo platform, not in different applications or environments. On top of that, Juan Carlos learned that customers wanted more than just the standard template reports.

“Sometimes, the insights we believe are valuable for our customers are not enough. Different customers ask for different, specific insights. And to stay in control of their data, they want to be able to decide what they show on a dashboard, or control who can see which data and dashboards.” 

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead at Kenjo

The team at Kenjo evaluated developing their own custom reporting tools. But they soon realized it would be impossible to build what they were looking for in the short term. It would cost them too much effort and resources, so they started researching embedded analytics solutions.

Why Luzmo?

During their in-depth research for a fitting analytics tool, Kenjo’s analytics team had 5 crucial requirements to base their decision on.

  1. Plug and play. Whichever third-party tooling they ended up with, it had to be quick to implement, with minimal development effort on their end.
  2. Embedding. Dashboards, charts and data exports had to be accessible directly in Kenjo, without separate logins or navigating to an external platform.
  3. Security and permissions. In the app, users already had certain profiles and permission sets. It was really important for Kenjo to retain control over the permissions for analytics and dashboards, without having to replicate and maintain permissions on two separate platforms.
  4. Multi-language. Kenjo operates in five key markets, with Germany and Spain as their dominant markets. Therefore, language support for German, Spanish and English was business-critical.
  5. Business partner. They wanted to work together with a supporting, responsive partner that proactively helps move the project forward.

After evaluating multiple embedded analytics solutions, Luzmo came out as the solution that fits all their needs.

“Our technical team ran a proof of concept with Luzmo, which was immediately successful. It was super easy for us to launch a set of dashboards in only 5 to 6 weeks, with minimal development to connect our APIs. The team at Luzmo was super proactive, supporting us on whatever we needed to move forward with our project.”

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead at Kenjo

The result: 90% weekly adoption of dashboards

As a result of this collaboration, Kenjo now boasts over 30 dashboards inside their SaaS application, powered by Luzmo. 

Adoption rates of analytics soared, with approximately 90% of Kenjo’s customers using at least one dashboard on a weekly basis. The most popular dashboard is the ‘Time off cycles card balance’ dashboard, which helps employees keep an eye on their time off balance, and helps teams take into account absence in their planning.

In the video below, Juan Carlos walks you through the solution they’ve built with Luzmo, showcasing a couple of key dashboards and principles. Skip to the relevant sections to learn about:

In the works: driving upsell with dashboard variants

To give users more control over their insights, Kenjo plans to add dashboard variants in the near future. Customers would have the option to customize Kenjo’s standard dashboard templates to their own liking, and publish the updated version to anyone in their organization.

“Our first proof of concept with Luzmo’s embedded dashboard editor was successful. We plan to roll out dashboard variants in Kenjo during Q1 of 2024. We are confident that this premium feature, which will be available as an upsell in our higher pricing tiers, will help our customers get even more value from Kenjo.”

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead at Kenjo

In a second phase, Juan Carlos envisions a future where customers can build entirely custom dashboards from scratch and even connect new datasets, all without leaving the Kenjo platform. To maximize success, they are looking to create a dedicated analytics squad internally to manage anything related to analytics. 

“As we give our users more options to explore their data, we will need to provide the right support and onboarding to make them successful. Not all our customers will have the knowledge or resources to analyze data to such depths, so we are already thinking ahead about professional services and support options in the future.”

Juan Carlos Porras Blanco, Product Team Lead at Kenjo

Kenjo’s use case is living proof that it doesn’t need to be difficult or resource-intensive to add value-adding analytics to your SaaS app. Interested to give your HR platform’s analytics a facelift? Book a demo with Luzmo's product experts, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

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