Laser-fast Customer Dashboards with Warp

March 29, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Laser-fast Customer Dashboards with Warp

One in four visitors will abandon a webpage that takes longer than 4 seconds to load. Likewise, a slow reporting experience in your application will stress out your users. For a premium product experience, your users expect your analytics to be fast and performative.

Unfortunately, many data sources, data pipelines and data architectures are designed for operational transactions. And that setup is suboptimal for analytical queries. The result? Long spinners in your application, slow-rendering dashboards, or outdated insights for your product users.

It’s time to say goodbye to slow queries and eternal loaders.

An illustration of Warp, Luzmo's acceleration service for fast embedded analytics

Speed up querying with Warp

Warp is an out-of-the-box acceleration service that improves the analytical query performance, regardless of the original data source. Activate Warp in one click for lightning-fast dashboards, without having to change your underlying data stack.

A good user experience and a fast set-up… where’s the catch? Thanks to a powerful underlying infrastructure, Warp pulls your data into an optimized, analytical datastore at regular intervals. We store your data temporarily, and query the stored data, instead of your source database.

Just think of it as the pantry in a busy kitchen. The chef will store small amounts of the most frequently used ingredients within easy reach, instead of stacking the shelves with big, awkward packagings.

Fully synchronize your data, just the way you want:

  • Choose where your data are stored (US or EMEA)
  • Select when and how often your data are synced
  • Deactivate Warp at any time and your data will be removed from our storage

Better infrastructure, better user experience

Running client-facing analytics on your operational databases comes with risks. It can slow down other parts of your application. But solving performance issues or optimizing your entire data stack takes time. And it only further delays the roll-out of customer dashboards.

With Warp, you get the best of both worlds.

  • An improved architecture with faster queries
  • Quicker deployment of client-facing dashboards
  • Better user experience for product users

By moving data closer to the query engine, you’ll reduce the load on production databases and experience lower latency. Therefore, you no longer have to set up a dedicated reporting database. Once your datasets are connected and warped, you can skip straight ahead to building dashboards!

And for product users, Warp means no more loading spinners, slow dashboards or outdated data!

“We had some datasets that were taking really long to run. But now, using Warp, our customers don’t feel any of the loading times.”

Sahil Makadia, Operations Manager at

How to get started

If you’re an active Luzmo user, you can use Warp starting today! We are gathering user feedback to understand how Warp brings the most value to our users. Therefore, you can start using this feature free of charge as an early adopter, in exchange for your valuable feedback.

Warp can be activated on any database or plugin dataset. Note that Warp isn’t available for local files and web service connectors, because these datasets are already handled in our optimized data store.

To activate Warp, simply open your dataset of choice, hit ‘Activate’ in the top-right corner, and set your sync frequency.

That’s it! Lightning-fast dashboards are waiting for you in the Luzmo app (formerly ⚡

Walkthrough of how to accelerate your datasets with Warp, Luzmo's acceleration service

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