Product Update - February 2024

March 29, 2024

Connie Zhang

Product Update - February 2024

This month, we’re delighted to announce several exciting new updates that will revolutionize the way you visualize data and give you more control over data access.

Check out the AI Chart Generator, Access Control Layer, API Admin role, and more!

Luzmo AI: Automated Chart Generator

We're constantly improving Luzmo to make data visualization easier and more efficient for you.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our AI Chart Generator, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

When building a dashboard, this innovative feature simplifies chart creation, speeding up data analysis and decision-making. Get chart suggestions based on your datasets, or tell AI what you need using text prompts.

And it gets even better - you can leverage our API-first platform to integrate the AI Chart Generator seamlessly into your existing workflow. Deliver hyper-personalized insights tailored to your specific needs, right within your product.

For more information, please refer to our developer documentation.

(Available on Pro, Elite & Enterprise Plans only)

Access Control Layer

Embedding Luzmo's powerful analytics into your product unlocks a world of benefits for your users and your business. But how do you ensure secure and controlled access to your data?

Introducing the Access Control Layer, a more flexible way to embed Luzmo items with granular access control.

You can generate an Embed token to give users access to specific dashboards, datasets, and Collections. Keep your data safe by granting only the necessary access, minimizing exposure risk.

For example, embed a Collection containing standard dashboards accessible to all users, and additional Collections containing custom dashboards only available to specific users.

The Access Control Layer is the new recommended embedding method, replacing temporary tokens and integrations, which will be phased out over the coming months.

We strongly recommend that you migrate to this new method as soon as possible for a better embedding experience.

For more information on embedding dashboards in your application, please refer to this Academy article.

API Admin Role

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve introduced an API Admin role to help you improve team collaboration by overcoming data access bottlenecks.

This powerful new role, available exclusively through our API, has full access to the items in your Luzmo environment. They can view, share and delete all organization and sub-organization dashboards and datasets.

Learn more about this new role in our developer documentation, and this Academy article.

More Powerful Insights With OR Filtering

Unlock richer insights and deeper explorations of your data with the new OR filters.

Now, you can combine AND and OR filters to build sophisticated filtering logic and uncover patterns that might have remained invisible before. For example, if you have a "color" and "size" field, you can now filter by “color = red” OR “size = large”. 

Organize your filter conditions into clear groups for better readability and easier management, even with complex queries. 

Watch this video to learn how to use filters to create more insightful charts in Luzmo. 

Greater Control of Dataset Schema Updates

Previously, we automatically synced dataset schema changes every hour. While this ensures timely updates, we understand that frequent updates aren’t always necessary and can impact your infrastructure costs. 

We’ve added the flexibility to disable schema updates entirely or adjust the sync frequency to suit your needs.

With granular schema update control, you can choose the update frequency for each dataset or an entire data connection, which will be the default for all your datasets. This means you’ll only pay for the updates you need, while enjoying seamless management across all your data.

Start exploring these new features in Luzmo today. Take a look at our product roadmap for upcoming updates, and don’t forget, you can also submit feature requests.

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