Product Update - May 2024

May 7, 2024

Connie Zhang

Product Update - May 2024

This month’s update brings you revamped Developer Docs, improved regular and pivot tables, Instachart v2, and plugin v3 support.

Revamped Developer Docs

As an API-first platform, we know that unlocking Luzmo's full potential starts with our developer documentation.

Today, we're excited to introduce Developer Docs v2. They've been completely revamped to be more powerful and intuitive than ever before.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Test endpoints on the fly: Use your own credentials to directly test API calls within the documentation, seeing immediate responses to understand functionalities quicker.
  • Dashboard schema viewer: Understand how a dashboard works behind the scenes.
  • JSON schema playground: Dive into JSON schemas with a dedicated playground for experimentation. Load any dashboard ID's schema or create your own and visualize it!
  • Search: Find answers in a flash with our new searchable documentation. 
  • Seamless readability: Enjoy a light/dark mode toggle and cleaner page layouts with embedded code samples.

You can check out our revamped Developer Docs at

Pivot Table: Expand/Collapse Row Redesign

In response to your valuable feedback, we're excited to introduce a powerful upgrade to pivot tables.

The layout has been redesigned, so you can easily expand and collapse rows with hierarchy information, all conveniently displayed in a single column. Indentation on the left visually guides you, keeping your hierarchical data neatly organized and ready to be analyzed. 

This redesign ensures pivot tables display data in a cleaner format, making data exploration and analysis a breeze.

Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming! Stay tuned as we plan to make even further table improvements in the near future. 

To learn more about pivot tables, please visit this Academy article.

Regular Table Single-Column Sorting

Understanding data often hinges on seeing it in a specific order. While our regular tables offered multi-column sorting, we've just made it even better with single-column sorting. 

You can effortlessly sort data by individual columns, allowing you to prioritize and analyze data with greater ease. 

On any regular data table, select Settings > Interactivity > Sorting to unlock this new feature and experience a smoother, more intuitive way to work with your tables.

Need a refresher on regular tables? Head over to this Academy article.

We think you’ll also love

Instachart v2: Our sketch-to-chart AI tool now leverages the power of the GPT4-Turbo model, taking its AI capabilities to the next level. It also comes with a prompt-to-dashboard mode, and a more sleek user interface. 

Plugin updates: We’ve added some improvements to MongoDB, BigQuery and Elasticsearch plugins to give you the best query performance possible. 

The improvements include:

  • BigQuery
    • Spec v3 metadata retrieval
    • Join
    • Order/Limit
    • Distinct count
    • SQL
    • Like filters
    • 🆕Nested filtering
  • MongoDB
    • 🆕Spec v3 metadata retrieval
    • 🆕Order/Limit
    • 🆕Distinct Count
    • 🆕Like filters
    • 🆕Nested filtering
  • Elasticsearch
    • 🆕Spec v3 metadata retrieval

Start exploring these new features in Luzmo today. Take a look at our product roadmap for upcoming updates, and don’t forget, you can also submit feature requests.

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