Reducing Carbon Emissions in Real Estate with Embedded Analytics at Deepki

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Reducing Carbon Emissions in Real Estate with Embedded Analytics at Deepki

The real estate industry is responsible for 37% of all global CO2 emissions. How can asset managers reduce that number and help take care of our planet? 🌎 Learn how Deepki uses Luzmo's embedded analytics to help businesses make more sustainable decisions about their buildings and real estate.

Company Profile: Deepki

Deepki's PropTech platform helps real estate asset managers transition to net zero and sustainability. Through AI-driven data intelligence, they collect all the data their customers need to understand their carbon emissions, and make better, environmentally friendly decisions.

But making all of that raw data insightful at a glance is not an easy task. Especially if your platform is used by different stakeholders, who all want different views on that data. To offer valuable insights, with granularity for each stakeholder, Deepki uses Luzmo's embedded analytics to add insightful reporting to their PropTech SaaS platform.


Paris, France


PropTech, GreenTech


250-500 employees

Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ Busy engineering team: no time to develop analytics in-house

❌ Their SaaS product serves multiple organizational stakeholders, each with their own specific reporting needs

❌ Difficulty to cope with an overwhelming amount of reporting requests from customers

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ Faster time-to-market with quick embedding of Luzmo's off-the-shelf dashboards

✔ Multi-tenant analytics, serving different dashboards to different users out of the box

✔ Opportunities for next-level innovation with a full self-service analytics tool, embedded in their SaaS product

Embedded analytics to help organizations to net zero

In a 30-minute webinar, Emmanuel Blanchet, co-founder of Deepki, will share how they solved their need for tailored analytics with. You'll learn how they added customized dashboards, maps and charts to their platform, and help customers better understand their building data.

[0:00] Introduction

[1.48] About Deepki and introduction into the importance of ESG in real estate

[4.34] Data framework: how to go from data collection to reporting, action, and environmental impact

[6.23] Reasons why real estate company need better insight into their carbon emission data

[7.07] The Deepki platform: AI-driven data collection and dashboards

[8.37] Reporting challenge 1: navigating the different regulations of measuring carbon emission

[11.12] Reporting challenge 2: catering to a multitude of reporting needs

[12.30] The solution: customized dashboards and different reporting views per stakeholder

[16.45] Q&A: The role of APIs in the data collection and reporting process

[19.14] Q&A: Coping with new reporting requests and varying reporting needs

[21.21] Q&A: Why Deepki chose to use embedded analytics over building a solution in-house

[22.30] Q&A: How real estate agents can benefit from carbon emission insights to reduce financial risks

Watch the full recording below.

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