How Riskonnect Empowers SaaS users with Self-Service Reports

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

How Riskonnect Empowers SaaS users with Self-Service Reports

A suboptimal analytics experience hurts your SaaS business. You risk that customers won’t find the insights they need to make smart and confident decisions.

Almost half of the top SaaS vendors on G2 receive complaints about the lack of customization options. Their customers have no control over the metrics they see. The information is irrelevant, and users are left feeling frustrated.

There is a better way. Learn how Castellan - now part of Riskonnect - built an engaging analytics experience for their risk management platform.

Company Profile: Riskonnect

Riskonnect is a software platform for managing risk and compliance in your organization. Handle anything from business continuitity and resilience to environmental social governance, internal audits, claims administration and more. To give enterprise organizations more insight into their risk exposure and hazards that can threaten their organization, Riskonnect uses Luzmo's embedded analytics platform to translate all of that complex data into visual insights for their product users.


Georgia, USA


Software as a Service, Risk and Compliance Management


500-1000 employees

Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ Hundreds of unique reporting requests

❌ No bandwidth in the support team or product team to handle individual requests

❌ Need for a self-service tool that is easy to use for non-technical product users

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ Riskonnect users can mine their own insights using an embedded data exploration tool

✔ Faster customer support and reduced workload

✔ Competitive advantage with an innovative reporting solution

The challenge: balancing reporting requests

Riskonnect received hundreds of individual reporting requests on a weekly basis. Often, these requests made sense for that specific customer, but they were of no use to other users in their user base. As a Product Manager, Sarah Zoloth had to find a way to balance product engineering time and customer needs in a way that would be scalable, but with enough attention for individual needs.

The solution: embedding self-service reporting

In a recorded webinar, Sarah Zoloth, Product Manager at Castellan (now Riskonnect), explained how they built a special reporting and analytics offering for their clients. They essentially offer template dashboards, which their customers can edit to their liking. Watch the webinar below to see how they empower customers with self-service reporting and insights with Luzmo's embedded dashboard editor.

Skip ahead in the video to learn:

  • [0.00] Common SaaS analytics mistakes and the ingredients of a great customer analytics experience
  • [2.00] Personalization in SaaS analytics
  • [2.53] Background: Castellan business and customer needs for reporting
  • [5.30] Showcase of generic reporting in Castellan
  • [6.50] The limits of canned reporting
  • [7.51] Showcase of reporting “edit mode” for SaaS customers
  • [11.54] Setting up ‘guard rails’ for customers
  • [12.35] The result: faster customer support and competitive advantage
  • [14.35] Customer feedback and usage of the analytics module
  • [15.44] How different user roles interact with their analytics
  • [16.37] The downsides of giving your users freedom to customize
  • [18.20] Letting users add their own datasets
  • [19.00] How to align customer needs with analytics roadmap
  • [20.30] How analytics expose hidden risks for their customers
  • [21.55] Next steps and iterative approach to building analytics

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