Building a Fast Embedded Analytics Tool at SimpliField

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Building a Fast Embedded Analytics Tool at SimpliField

💥 Expectation: “We will launch our reporting features next month.”

🥲 Reality: Problems with the data model, dashboards aren’t brand-compliant, don’t follow existing business logic, the development team is swamped,…

Product teams are often faced with unexpected challenges when developing new product features. Many possible hick-ups can push back analytics on your roadmap.

The team at SimpliField, a mobile platform for streamlining retail operations, successfully turned around the typical roadblocks that come with launching a client-facing dashboard.

Company Profile: Simplifield

Simplifield is a mobile platform for streamlining retail operations. Their software builds a stronger connection between headquarters and field teams who work in retail stores. Besides communication, scheduling and onboarding tools for retail personnel, SimpliField also offers a reporting module, powered by Luzmo's embedded analytics.


Paris, France


Software as a Service, Retail


25-50 employees

Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ No engineering time to develop custom data visualizations in-house

❌ Need for data visualizations on desktop and mobile app

❌ Need for a fast and user-friendly solution

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ Quick integration of dashboards, seamlessly embedded in their SaaS product

✔ Different template reports for different persona's (e.g. district managers vs HQ)

✔ Time-savings for data scientists and engineers

How SimpliField built fast, user-friendly embedded analytics

In this recorded webinar, SimpliField’s CTO Olivier Mayot, and IT project manager Enzo Gambino, share their 3 lessons learned while building client-facing analytics. Learn how they used embedded analytics to overcome common product development challenges. With their first-hand advice, you can start your analytics journey well-prepared!

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[0.00] Introduction
[3.15] Why SimpliField decided to buy instead of build analytics
[5.10] 3 lessons learned while building customer-facing analytics
[6.07] Where data visualization fits in an optimal data pipeline structure
[8.40] Tips for optimizing performance of dashboards
[13.40] Requirements for integrating embedded analytics into their core software
[19.42] Future plans: an embedded dashboard builder for customers
[22.15] Q&A: Which insights and KPIs are shared in the dashboards with customers?
[24.23] Q&A: How did you set up a single sign-on experience?
[26.25] Q&A: How do you handle changes to data visualizations when you implement structural changes to your database?
[28:00] Q&A: How do you deal with dashboard variants created by your end-users?
[29.45] Q&A: How do you ensure the experience is user-friendly for people with different levels of experience with data analysis?

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