Period Over Period Comparison with Custom Periods


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Time related reporting and analysis is important in decision making.

We recently released period-over-period comparisons tohelp you to quickly benchmark numbers of today against previous time periods in a single chart. Our editor allows you to easily setup common period-over-period comparisons. Create granular charts such as minute-over-minute comparisons, view the bigger picture with year-over-year comparisons, or anything in between.

In the future, we strongly believe we can make period-over-period comparison in charts less complex and faster for everybody. Within our familiar UI you will be able to unlock the power of period over period comparison through drag & drop. And this, as always, with the possibility of locale aware formatting and taking into account timezones.

This will improve the speed of implementation and the time-to-valuable insights!

Comparing period-over-period can span a variety of use cases. In a first step, we have focused on comparison over existing date granularity levels such as weekdays, weeknumbers, months, day in a month, etc. In this step, we focus on allowing custom periods to be used for period over period comparisons.

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