Predictive Analytics and Clustering

Under Consideration

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It is our mission to increase your analytical power, and make sure smart decisions are taken!

We are looking into the possibility of helping you stepping up your game by proving access to easy-to-use analytics capabilities like:

  • Predictive analytics: Predict unknown future events or forecast based on historical data. Proactively identify patterns, risks and opportunities and anticipate outcomes and actions.
  • Clustering: Identify underlying patterns in a pile of data points and segregate the data in a number of different clusters with similar traits.
    Very powerful to easier understand & manipulate these clusters.

Some examples:

  • Increase impact of marketing campaigns by rolling out a personalized and targeted campaign to a cluster of buyers with similar characteristics
  • Provide relevant content for clusters, with similar viewing behaviour
  • Anomaly detection: e.g. fraud, machine defects, ...

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