Account Management Using Suborganizations


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Is your company divided into multiple, separate departments? Are you sharing your environment with multiple clients or external stakeholders?

Most likely, in that case you don’t want to allow client A to view or share dashboards with client B. But still, you want to keep full control over the dashboards, and share dashboards with different clients all from the comfort of a single account.

To help you organize your account more easily, we added suborganizations to now set up multiple suborganizations in, next to your “main organization”. Users in your main organization will be able to view & share with users in your suborganizations, but not the other way around.

Here is an example to illustrate: your account manager Tina can share dashboards with her clients – Burger King and McDonalds – but they won’t see Tina as a user in their organization. Ronald McDonald can share with his colleague Mayor McCheese, because they are in the same suborganization, but not with his competitor The King, since he’s in a separate suborganization.

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