Behind Our Rebranding: Luzmo's Story

September 7, 2023

Karel Callens

Why did we rebrand to Luzmo? Learn how our company came to standing, and how Luzmo is a reinforcement of that mission and vision.

As we enter the next phase of our growth with Luzmo, we look back on our journey up to now. How did our company come to standing, and how is Luzmo a reinforcement of that mission and vision? Read the full story behind our rebranding!

Relaunching the brand

When we started (now Luzmo) back in 2015, it was based on something we saw first-hand, working on data transformation projects at a top consultancy firm.

Most businesses nowadays know just how valuable data can be. An important tool helping them make better, more informed decisions and even surfacing new opportunities.

But it’s not always easy to do this effectively. Despite buying into the idea, implementation is difficult, and many companies struggle to extract value from their data.

That’s because, right now, it is hard, slow, and expensive to actually get to anything useful. 

Companies have millions of data points locked up in complex databases and overburdened spreadsheets. They lack the time, effort, and expensive resources to get to something valuable. And turning numbers, pivot tables, and real-time inputs into insight can be complicated.

With the extreme growth of SaaS businesses over the past decade, their SaaS products are generating huge amounts of data for their customers, but similarly struggling to help their users benefit.

So we started our own business to address that. To help software companies make data effortlessly accessible for their users, in the belief it will help companies extract value much more quickly. And with we’ve been doing exactly that for the past eight years.

The next phase of our growth

Our company has become a growing success story, with a product that our customers love. It’s led us to offices on both sides of the Atlantic, Series A funding, and impressive growth.

Nevertheless, something was missing. In many ways, our leadership felt that our brand was limiting our further growth. However, with some work, there was an opportunity to accelerate our growth.

So we did some soul-searching to sharpen what we really stand for, and answer fundamental questions to further shape our company:

  1. How do we place the value we provide our customers, and their users, at the heart of what we do?
  2. How do we tap into the emotional side of our offering, and not just rational benefits?
  3. How do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, especially more traditional BI players?

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard with our brand consultancy GoodLove to answer these questions together, and power the next phase of our company’s development.

And here's the result...

Launching Luzmo

Luzmo, incorporating the Spanish word for light, luz – sharply reflects our mission. To enlighten customers by helping them get to insights quicker than ever before.

Not only our name, but also our new visual brand, is a bold statement of this mission in two ways.

  1. Fundamentally, we are about more than just data. We help users make decisions that have real impact on what they’re doing, supported by insights. This inspired our new identity, with the ‘Luzmo Lens’ animation as its visual metaphor.

  2. We do that damn fast, directly inside your product. With ease of integration, simplicity of set up, and quality of data visualizations, your users’ speed to insight is superfast – and straight from your own software. This is, and always will be, a critical part of our product offering.

The new name and focus are just part of a full brand overhaul. It touches everything from the company’s strategy through to our verbal and visual communication.

You’ll see it reflected in our logo and imagery. In how we talk about what we do, through to our new website:

Luzmo is dynamic, yet accessible. We created a consistent and coherent brand that is memorable for both new customers and new talent.

Crucially, it’s a new direction borne out of our journey up to here. And it has set us up for the next stage in our growth.

We’re delighted to take you along on our journey, and to begin the next chapter in our company’s history – and the first as Luzmo!

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