Advanced Reporting for Beeple's HR SaaS Platform

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Advanced Reporting for Beeple's HR SaaS Platform

The HR sector is rapidly changing. New HR tech tools make daily HR tasks easier & automate the boring stuff. At the same time, these tools contain valuable data that can help HR professionals to make better decisions.

While these data insights are a true treasure, a striking 63% of HR professionals lacks the right tools, time and skills to further analyze their HR data.

Now, how are smart HR tech players reacting to this “need for insights”? We had a chat with Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple, about how they integrated (now Luzmo) to offer more advanced reporting to their clients.

Company profile: Beeple

Beeple is an online staff management tool. It completely takes over the HR processes related to flexible workforces: recruitment, planning and communication for students, freelancers, part-timers and/or volunteers.

It integrates communication channels like bulk mailing or sms, or Facebook Messenger to reach flexible personnel much faster. On top of that, it also automates the last step in the process, that is payroll & invoicing of your flexible workforce.

Beeple staff management platform

Beeple aims to be the true ‘all-in-one’ platform for personnel management on the market. With the right integrations, they can keep fulfilling that mission statement:

With more than 500 features, we ensure that companies can manage the whole process of staff management easily ánd transparently, all in one tool. Of course, a big part of that transparency lies in reporting. So, we decided it was time to expand our reporting capabilities, by partnering up with Luzmo.

Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple

Adding dashboards to the Beeple platform

Before the integration with Luzmo, Beeple users could select & export the data from the platform and perform their own analysis. Now, with the integration of Luzmo, Beeple offers standard or custom-made dashboards to clients, in order to present this information visually in real-time.

Reporting has always been crucial to our customers. We saw that clients have always heavily used the export functionality. However, it asks a lot of time and effort to manually analyze these exports. Thanks to the integration with Luzmo, clients can now view or create a ready-made report in just a few clicks.

Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple
Dashboards embedded in Beeple platform

Adding dashboards to the platform was a logical choice for the company. A visual, easy and fast alternative for reporting. The question was rather: “how do we add it to the platform?” For a tech company, the ‘build or buy’ decision is not always easy. For Beeple, however, the benefits of an integration (versus in-house development) were clear from the start:

At Beeple, we want to focus 100% on our specialty, which is personnel planning and communication. This is our expertise, where we can create the biggest value for our customers. We want to focus on being ‘best-of-breed’, which is why we needed a reliable partner for analytics. With Luzmo’s expertise in dashboarding, we immediately saw the value of their integration.

Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple

Faster HR insights for clients

The Beeple dashboarding module is operational since mid-December. Both internal & external reactions were positive. For the company, the integration saved months of development time they would have needed to develop dashboards themselves.

For customers, the dashboards better fulfill their reporting needs. Match Horeca Uitzendbureau, an employment agency in the food service industry, is one of the first Beeple clients to test the integration:

I love to get management information out of Beeple, for example which people haven’t worked for some time. This gives us a better view on which employees are the most or the least active. On top of that, the dashboards help me to show our internal team how we’re performing.

Pepijn Kooiman, owner at Match Horeca Uitzendbureau

So, what exactly can clients track and measure in the dashboards? Let’s have a look!

Example of Luzmo dashboards in Beeple

Which KPIs are important for HR?

To get the data from the Beeple platform into the dashboards, they connected their own database to Luzmo.

The development process to connect our data to Luzmo ran smoothly. Thanks to the well-documented APIs of Luzmo, we were able to connect our own database via API in no time. Now, the dashboards automatically update in real-time.

Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple

Depending on the needs & budget, there are 3 ways their users can make use of the dashboards:

  1. Make use of the standard dashboards, configured by Beeple
  2. Let Beeple create a custom dashboard for your specific use case
  3. Create dashboards yourself via the dashboard editor

For Beeple, this is a great way to generate revenue off their analytics investment. They charge a fixed fee, depending on which reporting features the customer wants to use. Customers can either choose for a view-only package (€25/month) or to create dashboards themselves (€300/month).

The standard dashboards contain the basic, yet crucial KPIs for any HR manager involved in staff management. For example:

  • Total hours worked per customer
  • Total hours worked per project
  • Average time to fill a position
  • Average time to fill all positions for 1 day/project/customer
  • Number of messages sent to fill a position

This is of course just a selection, but these KPIs are common for all Beeple users. To give you an idea of what a client dashboard might look like, have a peek at the Beeple dashboard embedded below. Use the filters to play around a bit!

User-friendliness as key advantage

Having a visual reporting module as part of your application has many benefits. The main advantage though, for both Beeple and its users, is the user-friendliness:

As a brand, we promise our clients to be the most easy, user-friendly solution for people planning. From that angle, Luzmo is the best possible extension to our platform. With Luzmo, we have an extra asset to perfect our user experience.

Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple

Their clients can now analyze their HR data in the most easy & user-friendly way. Both for internal and external reporting, this helps them save countless hours of time wasted on manual reports.

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