Selling a Complex Data Product Faster at Enersee

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Selling a Complex Data Product Faster at Enersee

Are your powerful analytics too complex, and therefore a tough sell to non-technical users?

Discover how Enersee (formerly Eneos) used smart data visualizations to quickly bring value.

A rough day in the life of Andrés

Meet Andrés.

Andres, fictional persona used for this case study

As energy manager of a big conglomerate, Andrés is responsible for the energy and water management of his company with 10 large office sites. His goal is to improve the energy efficiency of the whole group, reduce the CO2-emissions and report results on a global level. 

Easier said than done. To succeed, Andrés needs to investigate a lot of data points and numerous available reports on energy and water consumption. Unfortunately, he lacks the time and skills to derive the right, useful insights quickly.  

As a result, he only discovers exceptional usage or unusual water or energy consumption patterns when building users complain, or when energy bills spike. Problems and inefficiencies are detected too late. Or even worse, they stay undetected resulting in wasted resources and higher costs.

Exposing energy waste in the blink of an eye

To help people like Andrés, Enersee - empowered by the data visualization technology of Luzmo - created a “Virtual Energy Manager”. Their API-based data analytics product offers smart, visual insights from real-time utility consumption data.

Andrés now has an easy-to-use platform to monitor energy and water consumption for the full building park. He can quickly detect spikes or anomalies in usage without having to analyze all the available data himself. He can focus on taking the right actions to mitigate any risks.

  • Where exactly is the problem?
  • When did it start?
  • How much energy or water is being wasted?
  • What is causing the issue?
  • Who should be contacted?

An overview dashboard gives Andrés a proper tool to easily track the problems in the company’s buildings. He is notified (email/SMS) when there is a deviation, a sudden spike or anomaly in utility usage. It helps him to quickly act, assess the impact on total consumption and costs and improve the energy efficiency of the company. 

A joyful day in the life of Andrés

On Monday, Andrés arrives at the office and opens the overview dashboard. He is alerted that the Brussels Office has an unusual increase in electricity use of 28 kW, which costs around €200 per day. If not tackled, this would cost them more than €73,000 per year.

To avoid this problematic situation, he starts his investigation with the detailed dashboard of Enersee. He can zoom in closely on the electricity use at the building, determine when the problem started and check the consumption patterns.

The heat map shows that the change in consumption occurs mostly during the night and on the weekend. He links the additional electricity usage to the ventilation system. Maintenance resets the frequency control which led to the unusual spike in electricity consumption. After reactivating the frequency control of the ventilation system in the building, the electricity use decreased back to its normal levels.

Thanks to the relevant insights Enersee delivered quickly in an easy-to-digest format, Andrés saved a lot of energy and money for his company, and he is a happy man reporting results to his management.

Enersee decided to empower their solution with Luzmo’s dashboards building blocks, despite the fact that their core business is a data product, and despite having sufficient expertise in-house. After a Proof of Concept, Founder Maarten Van de Vijver quickly realized that 

  • Smart, modern, intuitive data visualizations help him sell a complex data product to non-technical decision makers
  • Translating abstract data streams into powerful visualizations for customers helps to prove the business value
  • They could scale their application much faster to thousands of users with limited strain on own tech resources

How Enersee leverages embedded analytics

Enersee is a software company focused on building API-based products for analyzing time series energy (utility) data which can be integrated easily in any dashboard or platform via their open API. Their domain expertise ensures the solutions they build are fit-for-purpose and valuable for our end-customers.

The energy and water anomaly detection of Enersee is based on stacked AI-technology. It runs entirely in the cloud which gives it an almost unlimited power to apply at scale. All their products are fully available via their Open API. The API exposes analysis results in the form of a data stream or via an embeddable dashboard of Luzmo.

With a complex, API-driven data product, it's not always easy to prove what benefits your product offers to non-technical users. With intuitive dashboards as shown in the example above, they make a complex offering visually understandable.

Watch the video below to learn how Maarten van de Vijver, Founder at Enersee (formerly Eneos), leverages embedded analytics to demonstrate value, and sell their product to non-technical users quicker.

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