How Hult EF Moved Away From In-House Analytics

July 8, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

How Hult EF Moved Away From In-House Analytics

Quick Summary

About Hult EF:

  • Industry: Education
  • Company size: 10,000+ employees
  • HQ: London, UK

Customer-facing reporting challenges:

Hult EF wanted to move away from their in-house built BI solution that no longer suited their needs:

❌ Needed to gather data from many sources into one central place, and turn it into easy-to-use dashboards

❌ In-house analytics solution didn’t scale to new products and services being offered

❌ Difficult and time-consuming for engineering to add new insights

Solution with embedded analytics:‍

✔️Permission system to control which data each customer is allowed to see

✔️Dashboards blend perfectly with their platform’s look and feel, adapted for each client

✔️Less involvement from engineering to update dashboards with new data points

Company profile

Hult EF is a corporate education organization that educates the leaders of tomorrow through a range of programs. Associated with the world’s leading private education company, Education First (EF), Hult EF focuses specifically on corporate leadership, communication and coaching programs. 

Anyone from undergraduates to executives can rely on Hult EF for custom programs, consultancy, high-potential management programs and more. They work with top schools and organizations worldwide like the National Nuclear Energy Organization, Heineken, Continental AG and many more.

Hult EF’s digital product team is responsible for all web applications that keep participants engaged with online learning. They work together with Luzmo to visualize the impact of their learning programs within these web apps.

The challenge: expanding user-facing reporting to new products 

For the past 15 years, Hult EF has always relied on its in-house teams to build out reporting and analytics. On the one hand, to analyze the effectiveness of their programs internally, and on the other hand, to share key insights about their learning programs with corporate students.

However, with the roll-out of new digital products for learning, their digital product team was at a crossroads. They had to create new categories of data to report on, clean out their database for more accurate reporting, and all of this under strict timelines.

“Although we had an analytics solution in place, we were still facing many challenges with it. At the same time, we were launching new products that had slightly different datasets, so we needed to consume and report on them in a different way. This made us rethink the way we offer data insights to our clients.”

Emma Thompson, Digital Product Owner at Hult EF

To solve these challenges, Hult EF decided to partner with Luzmo to achieve the levels of data visualization their clients needed.

The solution: flexible and fitted dashboards in Hult EF’s applications

After a proof of concept, Luzmo proved to be the best solution for Hult EF’s specific requirements:

  • Presenting the data within their own interface, with the same familiar look and feel of their ecosystem;
  • Applying any user permissions they already had in place, so that they could easily control who gets to see which data and dashboards;
  • The ability to quickly add new datasets, new charts and new information without the need for a new engineering sprint;

With Luzmo, they now have full control to hook up the permission systems they already had in place, and fully adapt the styling of dashboards to their desired look and feel. Everything is embedded within their core platform’s interface, so customers have the most seamless experience possible.

However, what Max Child, who’s part of Hult EF’s Digital Product team, is most excited about is the flexibility. With the launch of new courses or products, they no longer have to rely on engineering to update reports.

“For me personally, I’m not a data analyst, so the visual elements in Luzmo are really nice. You can just drag and drop from a template, get some ideas generated quickly, and that cuts out a lot of time when creating dashboards or doing updates.”

Max Child, Digital Product Support at Hult EF

With a more robust solution now in place for customer-facing analytics, Emma is also excited about the advanced functionalities they now have access to.

“With Luzmo’s data drilldowns, you can keep funneling down in the data and load another dashboard really easily. Our end users don’t realize they’re going through multiple levels of dashboards - it’s all very seamless.”

Emma Thompson, Digital Product Owner at Hult EF

The result: faster product sprints

One year after onboarding with Luzmo, Hult EF has 6 core dashboards live in their platform, with hundreds of unique visits from their user base. Their dashboards gather the most important and valuable data on their educational programs, like:

  • Learning hours
  • Engagement with courses, e.g. how to guide users to complete a higher percentage of the program
  • Overall score of a program
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Clients to measure improvements these programs can make to their internal management teams

While most of their dashboards are customer-facing, they also built a few dashboards to support internal functions. For Hult EF, Luzmo has managed to fulfill all of their business intelligence needs, not only client-facing.

As much as their customers enjoy the easy experience to analyze data, Max and Emma both see the biggest value-add of Luzmo in their internal efficiency. They have been able to free up considerable development time, especially on the dashboarding work, thanks to Luzmo.

“Previously, when someone was looking for a data point they couldn’t get, we’d have to create a whole sprint plan to get that piece of information on a dashboard. Now, we can easily pull that data point ourselves and deliver insights to our clients or internal teams quicker.”

Max Child, Digital Product at Hult EF

With Luzmo, the team at Hult EF now has a future-proof reporting system in place, without needing a team of data scientists or developers whenever reporting needs change.

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