Collections: Your Filing Cabinet for Dashboards

March 29, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Collections: Your Filing Cabinet for Dashboards

Managing hundreds of dashboards for many different projects or customers can quickly become overwhelming. If you don’t organize your dashboards well, you risk losing precious time finding the right dashboard. Or even worse, you might make mistakes, like sharing the wrong dashboard with the wrong customer. Or pushing the wrong iteration into production.

Organizing your dashboards doesn’t have to be a tedious process! No need to use long, descriptive names for dashboards, or to have a separate organization system in place. With Luzmo’s new Collections feature, keeping a neatly organized view on your dashboards will be child’s play!

Intuitively organize your dashboards with Collections

Luzmo’s Collections let you organize your dashboards and datasets just the way you like them. Create Collections for yourself, for your team, or share them with others. With Collections, collaborating on dashboards and sharing insights with your product users has never been easier.

Why use Collections?

Save yourself the headache of an unorganized clutter of hundreds of dashboards and datasets. Using our new Collections, your analytics team will work more efficiently, and never feel frustrated when they need to make dashboard updates.

Your development and customer success teams will love Collections for many reasons.

  • Better organization. With intuitive Collections, you won’t have to explain a difficult tagging system to new colleagues.
  • Save time. No more time wasted on plowing through hundreds of dashboards. Find the dataset or dashboard you need in one glance.
  • Better user experience. Organize your dashboards in just a few clicks. Select dashboards and datasets you want to add, or simply drag and drop them into your preferred Collections.
  • Easy navigation. No more endless scrolling or difficult tag searches. Browse through organized Collections for a smooth experience.
  • Data security. You can set access rights for your collections out-of-the-box. Decide who can view, edit or own dashboards and datasets, and stay in control of your data security.

Organizing your dashboards and datasets

How you will use Collections will depend a lot on how your business or SaaS product is structured. We’ve highlighted the most common use cases below, but there are many more.

  • Organize by client: when you serve custom dashboards to many different clients.
  • Organize by user persona: your platform may be used by multiple user personas with different reporting needs and access rights.
  • Organize by department or branch: for example, a retailer with multiple branches may want to organize dashboards by branch.
  • Organize by development phase: if you’re creating dashboards to embed in your SaaS product, you can separate test versions and iterations from in-production dashboards.

One dashboard or dataset can belong to multiple Collections, so you can even combine these ways of organization. The sky is the limit!

Using Collections in Luzmo

How to use Collections in Luzmo

With just a few clicks, you can bring order to your dashboards and datasets starting today! On your overview page, hit the “+” button in the Collections menu to start creating new Collections. 

Adding a dashboard or dataset is as easy as pie. You can drag and drop any item from your overview page into the Collection bins in your left navigation.

Want to add dashboards and datasets in bulk? Bulk-select all the items you want to add to a Collection, hit the “...” at the top of your overview page and choose the Collection you want to add them to.

Share your Collections with other people in your organization who need to manage the dashboards, or even share with entire departments or customers! You can share collections in the left-hand navigation with just a few clicks.

And setting access rights is just as easy! While you’re sharing Collections, you can immediately decide who gets to view vs edit dashboards. Stay in full control of your dashboards and datasets - and who gets to manage them - at any time.

Setting access rights to a dashboard in a collection in Luzmo

Getting started with Collections

Start organizing your dashboards today, and keep a neatly organized account! If you have questions about Luzmo or Collections, our team is here to help. Book a demo with one of our experts, or try the product yourself during a free 10-day trial.

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