New Feature in Luzmo: Connection Sharing

March 29, 2024

Mile Zivkovic

New Feature in Luzmo: Connection Sharing

We are excited to introduce our latest feature, Connection Sharing, designed to simplify and expedite the sharing of data source connections among team members collaborating on projects. 

Creating an embedded analytics dashboard can take a few hours or stretch into weeks at a time, especially if you don’t have much experience. 

Ever since we started Luzmo, our aim has always been to empower SaaS businesses to build dashboards quickly, and without having to get extensive help from engineering teams.

Today, we’re one step closer to helping you launch a dashboard more quickly and easily, thanks to Connection Sharing.

What is Connection Sharing?

To create an embedded analytics dashboard in Luzmo, several things need to happen:

  1. Connect your data sources to your data visualization tool
  2. Choose the visualization types (charts, graphs, scatterplots, etc.)
  3. Create the dashboard in Luzmo
  4. Embed the dashboard in your SaaS or share it through some other channel

Steps 2, 3, and 4 are pretty straightforward. In fact, we have extensive documentation that will help to handle those tasks very quickly and efficiently.  Step 1 can be challenging if you’re dealing with more complex data sources.

For example, you need to connect to your database to create a dashboard on how many properties are rented out every month. Another member of your team needs a separate dashboard on individual properties and how much revenue they generate monthly.

In a typical scenario, both users would have to go through the entire process and all the steps. But with Connection Sharing, things become much easier.

Connection Sharing allows you to share a data source (connection) within your team. If you’ve already used a source (a tool, data warehouse, API or similar) to connect to Luzmo, you can now share that connection with a team member.

This means that they can build more dashboards even more quickly without having to set up the data sources first.

This feature makes collaboration between teams easier and cuts down the time to extract valuable data insights from dashboards

Why is connection sharing valuable?

If multiple users are collaborating on the same project, this feature will bring significant improvements. Here are some practical benefits that Luzmo users can expect from this feature.

  1. Streamlined cross-functional collaboration - as team members can quickly connect to shared data sources
  2. Faster dashboard creation - you can skip the part where you connect to data sources, saving time and effort
  3. No more data silos - data source connections are no longer limited to individual users 
  4. Less manual work and a lower risk of errors - this ensures reliable data analysis since you only set the data sources up once

Who can use Connection Sharing?

This feature is available to all current and new Luzmo customers.

Get started today!

To access this feature, simply click on the new "Connections" option in the sidebar menu. From here, you can view all of your data source connections, create new ones, and search or sort existing connections.

To share a connection, click on the three dots to the right of the connection name and select "Share." You can then set the user's access level, giving them permission to use, edit, or own the connection. 

And if you don’t already have a Luzmo account, grab a free trial today and create your first dashboard in just a few hours!

Build your first embedded dashboard in less than 15 min

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