How To Build A Winning Analytics Experience For HR Tech

March 22, 2024

How To Build A Winning Analytics Experience For HR Tech

A good analytics dashboard can add massive value to your HR software. With the right insights at hand, any HR manager on your platform can make better, data-driven hiring and talent decisions. But to unlock these insights, there are obstacles:

  • 72% of HR analytics are too difficult to use
  • 44% don’t present the insights the user is looking for
  • 30% rely on raw data exports to make sense of HR data

It does not have to be that way. In this recorded webinar, you'll experience first-hand how to offer HR analytics that your customers find valuable and easy to use. Join our speakers:

  • Thomas De Clerck - CSO at Luzmo
  • Juan Carlos Porras Blanco - Product Team Lead at Kenjo

And find out:

  • How to have a faster time to market for reporting and analytics
  • Best practices for visualizing HR metrics to your product users
  • Real example dashboards for recruiting, onboarding, overtime and more

Watch the recording, and get a head start on your HR analytics project!

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