SaaS Pricing Strategies To Fight Stagflation

March 22, 2024

SaaS Pricing Strategies To Fight Stagflation

Consistently growing revenue for your subscription business is challenging. Especially in turbulent economic times.

Although often overlooked, your SaaS pricing model is one of the most powerful levers to enhance revenue. Companies that invest in pricing iterations have seen an average ROI of up to 3.8x.

In this recorded webinar, industry expert David Vogelpohl, CMO at FastSpring, will share his tips to build a SaaS pricing strategy that will pull your SaaS company through difficult economic times.

You’ll learn:

  • Pricing strategies that will help you increase revenue
  • Global revenue opportunities you're missing
  • Smart ways to optimize for foreign exchange
  • How to test a country or region's willingness to pay
  • How to figure out if you should charge for analytics

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