15 Best AI Tools for Business in 2024

March 3, 2024

Mile Zivkovic

Want to streamline your processes and workflows, become more productive and save time? Here are the best AI tools you can get for your business in 2024.

As we’re now well on our way into 2024, the onslaught of new artificial intelligence tools is not slowing down. Thanks to machine learning and advanced language learning models, just about every good developer has created a new AI tool or an AI feature in an existing tool.

While there are some concerns over the use of AI in the workplace, the general consensus is that with the right approach, AI tools can save time, increase productivity and save you from boring, repetitive, and tedious tasks.

Today, we take a look at AI champions - tools that can help you become more focused, creative and productive at work, by eliminating repetitive tasks and giving you valuable insights about your work.

Luzmo - for data visualization and exploration

luzmo ai

You’re on the Luzmo blog, so it’s only natural that we put our tool in the first place. All jokes aside, Luzmo’s AI chart generator can help out in a large variety of business use cases. Product managers and developers will find this AI tool handy when building out their customer-facing analytics offering. And their product users, whether it’s ecommerce store owners, entrepreneurs, managers, data scientists, will love it even more.

The second way Luzmo’s AI feature works is exploration. Imagine you have a database with all your sales numbers for the quarter. You want to find the top-performing sales rep per month and the type of product they sold the most. Just ask Luzmo to give you this data in plain English and it will explore the data and visualize it for you. It’s fully customizable and thanks to our capable API, you can rest assured that we integrate well with your existing data analytics setup.

On top of that, you could just add your dataset to Luzmo and it can show you suggested charts based on the data you upload. If you’re new to business intelligence and data visualization, this is a great feature to have.

GitHub Copilot - for helping out with writing code

github copilot

A lot of development nowadays is AI-powered, so instead of asking ChatGPT for programming help, you can get the right tool for the job, hence the need for a plagiarism checker. Copilot is GitHub’s tool for AI-assisted development that your dev team can use when they get stuck or have problems finding a bug.

It indexes your code in real-time so you can ask it questions about potential mistakes, bugs or areas or improvement. You may argue that ChatGPT does the same (albeit with a shoddier interface), but there is a key difference. Copilot is completely safe and secure and your data is not shared with anyone. If you don’t know where to get started, there are numerous tutorials and FAQs to get you set up.

Glassix – for AI-powered customer support


A true luminary in the space of customer support is the Glassix AI suite. Launched in May 2023, the Glassix AI suite consists of various stand-out features allowing support agents and small businesses to deliver stellar customer experiences utilizing the power of Conversational AI coupled with the GPT-4 engine by Open AI.

As part of Glassix’s global vision, small businesses can now have access to various features like building no code generative AI omnichannel chatbots and implementing those on various channels like social media, their website or app, SMS, Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, and more. Additionally, Glassix offers features like a one-click summary of conversations using GPT-4, Auto-suggested generative replies, and auto-tagging of conversations creating a complete AI-powered customer support experience putting the agent top of mind.

DALL-E - AI image generator


One of the coolest additions to GPT-4, DALL-E takes your input and creates AI-generated images. At Luzmo, we use these for creating featured images for blogs, such as the one you can see at the top of this post. Other use cases include content creation for social media, a banner for your next event, or just about anything that comes to mind.

Our first-hand experience is that DALL-E can be mindblowing with the right prompts. However, it still handles some things very poorly, such as basic spelling for some reason. However, in our case, an AI image takes seconds to create, compared to pestering our designer for every little task we can think of.

PS. another tool similar to this one is Midjourney - but DALL-E has the advantage of being integrated into ChatGPT - so you pay once to get both tools.

Adobe Podcast AI - for cleaning up audio quality

adobe podcast AI

Small businesses can’t afford all the fancy gadgets and gear, but there are some shortcuts. Adobe’s AI tool for podcasts takes your audio recordings and cleans them up to make them sound better as if they were recorded in a studio. You get professional quality with a startup budget.

You can also enhance the quality up to a certain point and leave some “noise” so that the recording sounds more raw and authentic. There are basic audio editing features and a bulk upload tool for doing multiple recordings at once.

Asana - for an AI view on projects and stakeholders

Asana AI

There are countless project management tools in the market, but at Luzmo, we chose Asana because it’s very straightforward and easy to use. In fact, we use it for everything from marketing campaigns to development and sales projects. They’ve become more AI-driven and introduced new features that help you with decision-making and project management.

You can ask AI about the current status of ongoing projects, to discover potential roadblocks, the priority level of certain projects and more. If you want to find out where your projects or people are, just ask Asana in plain English.

The natural language processing is just one of the reasons why AI is gaining in popularity. In fact, a staggering 25% of companies have already adopted AI solutions to automate routine tasks, streamline hiring processes, and manage workforce gaps.

Jasper - for high-quality content generation


jasper AI

Before OpenAI launched ChatGPT, Jasper was already making strides in AI-powered content creation. With healthy competition from GPT models, Jasper became one of the best AI-based marketing tools today. 

You can use it to create, summarize, improve content, define your company style and brand guide and ensure every piece of communication is on-brand. There are countless supported formats, from social media to great copy for your next email marketing campaigns.

We especially appreciate the handy browser plug-in. Whether you want to write a LinkedIn post, a meta description in your CMS or something else, you can access Jasper from Chrome. Start with copywriting templates or give it prompts to create something unique from scratch.

Upmetrics - AI-powered business planning software

ai tools - upmetrics

Upmetrics is a business plan software revolutionizing business planning with AI, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners find success in their business planning processes and growth strategies. Writing a business plan is easier than ever with Upmetrics AI Assistant. It can help you generate text, rewrite content, shorten or expand it, and also allows you to adjust the tone. The tool simplifies writing a business plan with step-by-step guidance, 400+ sample business plans, and automated financials. - for note-taking in meetings

fireflies AI

This user-friendly tool takes notes in your meetings and integrates with the most prominent apps in the market such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Skype and other platforms like business VoIP tools. Simply invite it as a call participant and it uses AI to transcribe participants’ speech in real-time.

What’s even cooler is that Fireflies can do call summaries, helping you identify the most important topics, questions and action points from your transcription notes. For some, this helps with data-driven decisions, for others, this allows them to snooze in meetings and just read the summary later. You pick your camp.

Synthesia - for AI videos

synthesia AI

If AI-generated content from services like DALL-E impresses you, Synthesia will blow you away. You can create AI-generated videos from scratch. Pick your avatar, language and voice, add your text and with just a few clicks, you get instant videos without spending thousands on recording, video editing and more.

Is it as good as a live recording produced by a professional team? Definitely not. But is it amazing considering the time and effort it takes to do? Absolutely yes. If you want to create product walkthroughs, better customer experience, onboarding videos and more, this tool is worth its weight in gold.

Grammarly’s AI writing assistant

grammarly AI

This list can’t be complete with Grammarly, a tool that many writers and non-writers use for content, emails, social media and all types of business processes. The AI tool not only corrects your grammar and spelling but can give you actionable suggestions on what to improve and how to improve it in your writing - it does the brainstorming for you.

You can ask Grammarly to fill up gaps, rephrase your content, change it to a different tone of voice, speed up your writing by adding prompts, change the level of formality and more. A great tool that became even better.

Salesforce Einstein AI - for improved sales and customer engagement

salesforce einstein ai

Salesforce is a CRM used globally by businesses that want automation in their sales, customer support, customer service and marketing departments. Their Einstein AI assistant helps you make good use of the vast amounts of data on your customers. For example, who needs a follow-up and who’s ready to buy immediately.

You can use the AI to tell you which customers need more nurturing, and who would be a good prospect to close immediately. There is also an AI chatbot that can help you master the first interactions with customers before a customer support agent takes over.

Textio - for fine-tuning your job descriptions


Textio uses generative AI to make your workplace better. This is a text analysis tool that you can feed your job descriptions. Using a combination of machine learning, AI models and various algorithms, it can tell you how well your job description will be perceived and whether it will put applicants off or not.

Even more importantly, it shows you if you have unconscious bias. For example, you could be inadvertently putting off candidates of a certain gender or age group with your job ad. It also integrates with popular business apps like Slack.

Copyleaks - for plagiarism detection


The problem with everyone using AI to write their product descriptions, social media posts and SEO articles is that inevitably, it leads to a lot of plagiarism. The natural language processing has to pull the data from somewhere and Copyleaks tells you exactly where it came from - since you don’t want your AI marketing to sound like it’s AI.

This tool can tell you if a piece of content is written by AI or humans, whether it was plagiarized from somewhere online or paraphrased in some shape or form. It can even detect plagiarism in written code. While the accuracy of AI detectors is still flimsy, to say the least, this tool has a nice feature set.

Zapier - for process automation and optimization


Anyone who’s been in the world of SaaS for a minute knows about Zapier - a tool that integrates thousands of tools with each other, saving you time and money. For example, you can send new emails from your signup forms to an Excel sheet, or add new sales accepted leads from Hubspot to your favorite dialer.

The AI part of Zapier is pure magic - you use plain English to explain what you want to automate and how. Zapier creates a workflow for you and explains which tools to use and how to make the implementation go smoothly. And you can even use it to build your own chatbot. If you’re already a Zapier user, do not miss out on this feature.

Wrapping up

Machine learning algorithms and AI-powered tools are not a fad - they are here to stay. These are just some of the many AI solutions that we use or have used and that you may find useful. If you have any suggestions for our list - feel free to reach out so we can add yours too.

And if you want to try out Luzmo’s chart generator, grab your free trial and get started with Luzmo today!

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