25 Best Low Code Platforms to Build Websites or Apps in 2024

November 10, 2023

Mile Zivkovic

You don't need to be a developer to build websites or apps anymore. Simply use one of these low code platforms instead.

Up until recently, building an app or a website required boatloads of cash and extensive technical skills. You either needed enough money to pay a team of software development experts or you had to have coding skills yourself to build something from scratch.

But not anymore - thanks to low code platforms. These solutions are part of a new digital transformation, allowing everyone to build technical products with little to no knowledge of code. Today, we’re going to explore the very best low-code applications for different areas of building a business.

What are low code development platforms?

Low code platforms are frameworks that allow non-developers to create and edit applications without actually understanding or writing much code. The keyword here is “much”, because these are low-code platforms, not no-code.

In other words, you’re still going to need the basic knowledge of development to get the most out of these platforms.

What are the benefits of low code platforms?

Allowing everyone access to application development is the premise of using low code apps. But there are a few more advantages to these tools and platforms.

Faster time to production: since you don’t need development hours for every little aspect of your app, you can ship it and have it ready for your customers sooner rather than later.

Easier collaboration: with non-developer folk being able to create and customize apps, they can more easily collaborate with your devs and designers.

Less dependence on hiring developer talent: with a low-code platform with a simple graphical user interface, you won’t need to make haste hiring decisions and look for new devs to join your team.

Reducing your backlog: with more hands on deck, you can clear your backlog more quickly as your citizen developers help with the less complex tasks.

In general, even if you currently have a strong team of professional developers, it’s still a smart idea to introduce low-code application platforms in your business processes. Everybody wins - your users, your team, and your bottom line.

Low code platforms for data and analytics



Want to add an embedded dashboard in your app without using enterprise solutions like Tableau or PowerBI? Low on development resources? Luzmo is the right choice.

With Luzmo, anyone can add a dashboard to their app or website. Thanks to our drag-and-drop platform, various templates, and visualizations, you can add dashboards to your tool in a matter of hours.

With an embedded dashboard, you can provide more value to your end-users, make your product more data-driven, and unlock expansion revenue.

The best part? You can grab it for free.

Price: starts at $950 per month for 100 dashboard viewers



Need a more efficient way to collect, understand, analyze and visualize data? With Rapidminer, you get a comprehensive platform for managing all of your data in a single place. Do data engineering all the way from data preparation to modeling and creating predictions based on available data.

Price: not available publicly


If you want to learn more about your website visitors and product users, Pendo gives you an entire stack of tools to get the job done. From watching session replays, collecting feedback through forms and surveys, to collecting in-app guides and visualizing your user paths, this is one powerful app.

Price: not available publicly

For businesses dealing with large amounts of marketing data, creating meaningful reports can be a drag. With, you can connect your various marketing data sources into one central dashboard. Then you can visualize that data and unlock actionable insights for your own business or your agency clients.

Price: starts at $1,000 per month

Low code platforms for app development



Want to build an app but don’t know Java, or any programming language for that matter? Retool provides low-code solutions for building SaaS apps for the web and mobile. You get all the bells and whistles a typical programmer gets - version control, debugging, deployment development environments, and more.

Price: starts at $10 per month



Often described as Excel on steroids, Airtable can help you build a simple or not-so-simple website or app. Thanks to its many use cases and various integrations with apps such as Google Drive, Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, and many others, the sky's the limit with Airtable.

Price: starts at $20 per seat per month



Building a website is no longer rocket science. Webflow is the most popular low code platform today, allowing anyone to build and maintain a website with their headless CMS. Thanks to the drag-and-drop builder and superb user experience, anyone can create and launch a website with some free time and creativity. Compared to platforms like WordPress, Webflow offers much easier visual development and structure scalability.

Price: starts at $14 per month or $23 if you want a blog

Betty Blocks

betty blocks

You can build enterprise-grade business apps with the Betty Blocks builder and empower your citizen developers to unlock their full creative and technical potential. If you already use some code such as Angular or Vue.js, Betty Blocks integrates with outside code flawlessly too.

Price: not available publicly



Just because a platform is low code, it does not mean that you have a lack of options. With Mendix, you can integrate widgets, modules, templates and connectors for a completely bespoke software solution - that you can build without a developer.

Price: starts at €50 per month



UIPath is a business automation platform that solves various business needs with artificial intelligence and language learning models. The core of their offer is their low code tool for business users who want to build applications and view them from any browser or device.

Price: starts at $420 per month



Build custom mobile apps (Android or iOS) without practically any knowledge of code thanks to Adalo. Add any functionality you can think of thanks to Adalo templates and easy process automation. No matter which device the app will run on, Adalo can optimize it, making responsive development a breeze.

Price: starts at $36 per month

While this low code platform is not out yet, has very high promises in store. You can use its low-code application development feature to build fast, scalable websites on top of any back-end, making it ideal for non-tech users such as marketing teams.

Price: not available publicly, you can join the waitlist



Streamline the creation of your mobile applications with Draftbit, an application development platform. The drag and drop builder allows for easy development, design and process management, and you get the source code too, so you’ll never be locked out of your app.

Price: starts at $19 per month



Whether you’re a seasoned Python developer or someone looking to build their first side hustle, Flutterflow lets you use visual building for creating mobile apps. While seemingly simple, it contains some powerful features such as branching (without merging), validation, Firebase cloud function deployments and many others.

Price: starts at $30 per month


From websites to online stores and client galleries, Pixpa helps business owners create a stunning website without writing a single line of code. Built specifically for creatives, it's a great platform for those looking to showcase their work, or sell stuff online. Simplicity and beautiful design set Pixpa apart, with 150+ pixel-perfect templates that are mobile-friendly.

Price: starts at $8 per month

Low code platforms for communication

Webinars are one of the most effective marketing and sales channels out there. With, you can embed and run webinars directly from your website, without touching a line of code. Engage your customers on your website with this tool - no coding experience required. 

Price: starts at $125 per month



Creating custom emails requires basic HTML knowledge, but Beefree removes that barrier. Thanks to this app, you don’t need any coding knowledge to create and edit beautiful high high-converting emails. Just use the drag-and-drop interface to change your email layout in this app.

Price: starts at $25 per month



Personalizing your website is a surefire way to increase conversions and with Mutiny, you don’t need a developer to personalize your online presence. This app allows you to grab real-time data on your website visitors and change the messaging, the layout and the offer based on who is viewing the website.

Price: starts at $37 per month

Low code platforms for onboarding



Business applications need effective onboarding and with Userflow, you don’t need development tools to deliver this experience. Use this tool to add surveys, product tours, checklists, in-app messages and many other elements that will make your app more user-friendly.

Price: starts at $240 per month



If your app is not successful at onboarding or retaining users, Userpilot has the cure. Without any development process, you can measure in-app user activity, gather feedback, find out common friction points and provide your users with guidelines on how to get the most out of your SaaS app.

Price: starts at $249 per month

Low code platforms for integrations and workflows

You don’t need to be a developer to create different workflows and apps. Even if you already have an app, you can upgrade it with Simply connect any public API or pre-built app to build workflows from scratch and visualize them for your team.

Price: starts at $9 per month



Already have a SaaS app but lacking native integrations? You can use Prismatic as a no-code development platform to build any integration you could think of. Choose from a large number of connectors or build your own by connecting any public API and say goodbye to traditional coding.

Price: not available publicly



The best way to build custom applications without tedious hand-coding? Apps such as Paragon promise shipping integrations 7x faster compared to traditional development processes. With its SDK, embedded IPaaS, and a range of pre-built connectors, you don’t need a developer to build custom apps or integrations.

Price: not available publicly



Traditional chatbots can feel very unnatural to your visitors, even when powered with the latest AI frameworks. Commandbar changes the narrative by giving AI-powered user assistance that looks and feels natural. Chatbots, surveys, in-app messages, checklists (with a checklist maker), product tours - these are just some of the many options available in Commandbar.

Price: starts at $249 per month



Keeping access to your app secure is pivotal but implementing authorization options can be costly in terms of time and money spent on development teams. With Auth0, you can add a secure authorized access feature to any cloud-based app, with just a few clicks, making it ideal for both devs and non-technical users.

Price: starts at $35 per month



For enterprise users who want an app that is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in the low-code segment, Appian is a safe bet. This platform allows for complex workflow automation, development of integrations, unifying data across sources and much more.

Price: not available publicly

Wrapping up

Even if your team has amazing developers onboard, a no-code platform can be an amazing addition to your existing setup. By empowering non-developers to get handy with automation, APIs and workflows, you unlock a world of options for making your product better and your customers happier.

And if you need data analytics as a part of your SaaS app, there is no better choice than Luzmo. With our app, you can add an embedded analytics dashboard to your SaaS product in just a few hours, instead of weeks or months.

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