Shorter Product Feedback Loops for Greenly

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Shorter Product Feedback Loops for Greenly

Company profile: Greenly

Greenly is a carbon management platform, helping corporations better understand and reduce their carbon emissions. With automated data collection and a team of climate experts, they help customers on their net zero journey.

To understand their carbon footprint at a glance, Greenly’s users need intuitive and insightful carbon emission reports. The supporting data visualizations in Greenly are powered by Luzmo’s embedded analytics platform.




Software as a Service, GreenTech



Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ Long feedback loops from customer to engineering team 

❌ Highly dependent on engineering resources

❌ Building tailored dashboards for specific customer needs

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ Quicker iteration between climate expert and customer

✔ Fast delivery with limited engineering resources

✔ Tailored dashboards adjusted to customer’s specific emission profile

The challenge: quick delivery of personalized insights

Greenly works with customers from many different sectors, ranging from finance to manufacturing or even restaurants. Because they all have different emission profiles, each customer wants to see their data in a certain way.

With more and more customers asking for a specific view on their data, the support load started to weigh down the engineering team.

“We were trying to do the adjustments internally using our engineering team. But as we try to work in an agile way, we noticed that the feedback loop between the dashboard idea and the push to production was way too long.” 

As the Head of Engineering, Matthieu Vegreville felt they were not able to deliver quickly enough. Because engineers aren’t client-facing, the process of explaining the customer requirements and translating them into a new dashboard and dataset took too long. And they risked losing several weeks in the process if the resulting dashboard wasn’t the right solution for the client.

Requests for new dashboards go from the customer to a support person, to a product designer, to engineering, and back. With so much back and forth, Matthieu’s goal was to shorten that process, and give power directly to their climate experts in front of their clients.

Faster deployment with embedded analytics

Greenly’s climate experts know their customers’ objectives best. But without an engineering background, they are dependent on engineers to create data visualizations. With Luzmo (formerly embedded analytics, Matthieu found a solution that would allow his client-facing team to create dashboards without having to code.

“With Luzmo, we can create beautiful dashboards out of the box. The ability to drag and drop things gives our support team the creativity to iterate very fast on new dashboards.”

Within a few months, the Greenly team had produced hundreds of dashboards, tailored to each sector. The intuitive interface and easy deployment allowed them to personalize the experience per sector in a very simple manner. And their customers love it!

Shorter feedback loops with more power for client-facing teams

With a low-code solution to build analytics, Greenly’s client-facing team is now directly responsible for the dashboarding. While they previously needed at least 3 internal stakeholders, it is now a direct feedback loop between the client and the climate expert.

“Our climate experts support our clients in their climate trajectory and analysis of their emissions. Giving these people the ability to create the dashboards their clients needed was priceless. Because the need is now right in front of the person who can solve it.”

And Matthieu sees the future even more ambitious, where the client has all the power to analyze their own data. Greenly is investigating the ability to let customers directly edit the dashboards, so they have full control to present the data in a specific form or with certain thresholds. 

Beautiful dashboards that convince new clients

For Greenly, it was important to have native dashboards that looked pixel-perfect. With embedded analytics, they could achieve this native look and feel without long and painful iterations with designers and engineers.

The beautiful dashboards they are now able to build have also eased their go-to-market. In commercial sales demos, their sales reps want to show the dashboards because it helps them convince new clients.

“Our platform is used by sustainability leads. For them, it’s super important to have an attractive dashboard they can show to their executive team. In some sense, what we are building with Luzmo is the surfacing value of our platform.”

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