Uncovering Team Collaboration in Speakap with Luzmo

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Uncovering Team Collaboration in Speakap with Luzmo

In this case study, you will learn how Speakap, an internal communications platform, built an engaging customer analytics experience to help its customers build more connected workplace cultures.

The Business

Speakap is a frontline employee app in the HR Technology SaaS vertical. It serves as an employee hub, providing dispersed workforces with a central platform to find all the company information they need to work, including payslips, work schedules, task management, workplace messaging, and more. Speakap serves as the central heartbeat of communication for its customers.

The Challenge

Speakap realized early on that their customers needed analytics. They needed to show communication teams how employees were engaging with company updates. With insights, communication teams could steer strategy and tailor updates to what their employees wanted to engage with.

To that end, Speakap created ‘Compass’: an insights center where their admin users could understand how their employees stay connected.

“Internal communication isn’t an exact science. Companies usually go with their gut feeling, or an employee survey at most. With Compass, we can finally share facts with our customers. We can expose how their employees are really interacting with company updates.”

Sarah Darweesh – Director of Marketing at Speakap

The Solution

Compass is Speakap’s analytical add-on, powered by embedded analytics. Working with Luzmo brought Speakap the following benefits:

  • Launching interactive dashboards quickly;
  • Avoid the strain on engineering associated with building from scratch;
  • Create an easy-to-use interface for customers to explore their data;
  • Comply with data security and privacy laws;

“We had a statistics feature available but it was limited. There was a big demand from our customers, so we built a first, basic Proof of Concept. Our enterprise customers really loved it. For the first time, an organization of 20,000 employees was able to see what was happening in their organization. And that opened my eyes, so we decided to further build out Compass.”

Jan Sparnaaij – Product Owner Compass at Speakap

Confident, empowered SaaS users

Over 600 Speakap customers use Compass to reveal the truth about their internal communications. In Compass, communication managers get insights into:

  • Activation of employees. How many people have activated the app?
  • Retention of employees. How many people use the app on a daily basis?
  • Engagement of employees. How many people like, share, and comment on company updates?
  • Performance. Which posts get read and liked the most? What types of content resonate the most with employees?

With Compass, marketing and communication teams can finally measure the impact and prove the ROI of their daily work:

“Compass helps marketing and communication teams feel more confident in their weekly meetings. If they started a new campaign, they can now immediately show the effects to their direct report.”

Jan Sparnaaij – Product Owner at Speakap
analytics in Speakap

Thanks to these insights, Speakap users feel empowered to say to their bosses and peers, “Look what we’ve accomplished, the data says it right here.” They can make decisions more confidently, which makes Speakap even more attractive to its users.

More customer loyalty for Speakap

Exposing usage statistics brought many advantages. Not only for Speakap’s customers but also for their growing SaaS business. The dashboards are full of powerful proof points of how their platform makes an impact.

And that’s advantageous from a retention and selling perspective. Because the more Speakap can prove the positive effects of their platform, the more their customers become attached.

“We are adding new dashboards on a regular basis. Not all of them were planned in the initial launch. Our customers started proactively asking for insights. Now, they are using these reports on a daily basis to steer their organizations. The analytics help them gain more value out of Speakap as a whole.”

Jan Sparnaaij – Product Owner Compass at Speakap

Besides increased customer loyalty, customer-facing analytics is also a direct source of revenue at Speakap. All 600 customers get free access to basic insights. However, if they want more, they must upgrade to advanced reporting. With their smart pricing model, their analytics investment is already profitable as of a 2% paid adoption rate. This opens up an enormous potential for profit.

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