Better Customer Service and Impactful Insights for zapfloor

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Better Customer Service and Impactful Insights for zapfloor

Company Profile: zapfloor

Zapfloor is an integrated workspace management software. They help companies to better manage their shared office spaces through desk booking, a digital lobby to manage visitors and deliveries, and reports to monitor how their office space is used.

Zapfloor’s smart analytics are powered Luzmo’s embedded analytics platform.




Software as a Service, PropTech



Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ Limited engineering resources

❌ Growing backlog of customer requests

❌ Time-intensive manual reporting

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ Real-time insights for customers

✔ More efficient and transparent workflows internally

✔ Closer collaboration and shorter timelines with customers

Life before Luzmo

For zapfloor’s customers, it’s been crucial from the start to understand how their customers use their workspaces. For two years, zapfloor relied on a simple JavaScript package to provide 3 basic dashboards to their customers. But more and more often, these reports fell short of expectations.

“We used to let customers pitch ideas of which reports they needed,” says Kitty Bons, Customer Success Manager at zapfloor. “We’d listen to the customers, build a scope for their requirements, and that’s where it ended. We needed to free up development resources we didn’t have to build these reports, and that put us in a difficult position.”  

Today, business requirements change quickly. And every organization needs different insights. For a fast-growing, agile SaaS organization like zapfloor, it would cost too much time and resources to develop custom dashboard solutions for every client. They relied on Excel and meetings as an alternative solution, but this proved to be highly inefficient.

Meanwhile, zapfloor’s users expect to have insightful data at hand for better decision-making. The risk that customers would consider alternative solutions if zapfloor couldn’t deliver on these insights was too big to gamble.

Impactful, real-time data for zapfloor’s customers

By embedding Luzmo dashboards into their platform, zapfloor can now provide real-time insights to their customers. Customers can monitor the real-time occupancy of offices and workstations, and compare it against historical benchmarks.

“The dashboards we had before had no flexibility. Now, we have about 30 dashboards available on our platform. The data is immediately available to our customers in an interactive format.”

Below, you can view and interact with a sample dashboard to see which KPIs the zapfloor team makes available for their customers.

More efficiency and better customer service for zapfloor

Not only are the enhanced dashboards a huge benefit to customers, but they also helped the zapfloor team work more efficiently.

“We now have a much more efficient workflow,” says Kitty. “The customer success and product team can now create new datasets and dashboards in Luzmo independently, and easily add them to our platform. All we need is one quick touchpoint with the development team to deploy the dashboards.”

As a result, the engineering team is less overworked, and can fully focus on building new functionalities. Meanwhile, the customer success team can immediately act upon customer requests, and overall have much more transparency into the entire reporting process.

And that positively affects their client relationship as well, according to Kitty. “It means we can cooperate much more closely with our customers, and keep timelines and feedback loops much shorter.”

Watch the full interview about Luzmo (formerly with Kitty below.

Workspace management can be a hassle. Our friends at zapfloor take this burdensome task and make the process efficient, intuitive and sustainable for you. To learn how it works, watch a demo of zapfloor here.

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