Building a Business Case for Embedded Analytics at 24sessions

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Building a Business Case for Embedded Analytics at 24sessions

Your SaaS product generates millions of data points. Turning all that data into actionable insights for your customers can be daunting.

There is a lot to consider:

  • Which data is useful to my customers?
  • How do customers want to consult and use these insights?
  • How can I serve many customers if they all have different reporting needs?

With meaningful, actionable insights, your customers will be able to make better decisions faster. Joram Schuurman, Customer Success Manager at 24sessions, uses Luzmo's embedded analytics to bring new insights into their SaaS product.

Company Profile: 24sessions

24sessions - now part of the MessageBird suite - is a video engagement platform. It helps businesses make virtual interactions with customers more personal through various tools, like one-click video chatting, private and compliant discussions, and white-labeling for a seamless video experience for your brand.

To show their product users the value of using their video software, 24sessions introduced an analytics dashboard full of insights, using Luzmo's embedded analytics platform.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Software as a Service, Collaboration and Productivity


500-100 employees (at MessageBird)

Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ Proving the ROI of their video software in less digitalized industries

❌ Showing impact of video conversations with trackable metrics

❌ Adding easy-to-use charts and graphs fast, without dedicating a lot of engineering resources

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ Easy-to-use dashboards, seamlessly embedded inside their platform

✔ More customer retention, with measurable proof of their platform's impact

✔ Measurable proof that they save customers up to 20 minutes per meeting with video

The challenge: Customer retention

In a world with so many SaaS tools to choose from, it can be hard to prove your worth. If your product users don't see value straight out of the gate, you may risk churn. 24sessions knew they were saving their users so much time with video meetings - compared to in-person meetings - but needed a way to prove it. They started looking into reports and analytics to show measurable impact of their platform.

The solution: Embedded usage and ROI metrics

To show the impact quickly, they decided not to build their own analytics suite, but use an off-the-shelf solution instead. With Luzmo's software, they were able to build and embed white-labeled reports into their platform extremely quickly. And it paid off. Soon, they were able to show one of their largest clients in the financial space that they were saving up to 20 minutes per video meeting, compared to an in-person meeting.

With these ROI statistics, they were able to show tangible proof of how their customers are getting benefit from their platform. As a result, customers are happier, more engaged, and use their product more often. Thanks to adding embedded analytics, they have now reduced the risk of churn for many of their larger enterprise customers.

Proving ROI of your SaaS platform with embedded analytics

Replay the recording below, and learn how:

  • embedded analytics helped 24sessions prove the ROI of their SaaS product
  • how they drive more efficiency and higher customer satisfaction for their product users

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