Actionable Analytics Embedded in Selligent Marketing Cloud

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Actionable Analytics Embedded in Selligent Marketing Cloud

Learn how a leading Marketing Automation SaaS innovated its marketing dashboards and reporting by giving marketers the ability to mine their own insights and trigger action directly in dashboards.

Selligent originally presented this content at Luzmo Data Talks 2020. Since then Selligent’s success has culminated in an acquisition by the CM Group, a powerhouse in the marketing SaaS world.

Watch the session below.

Company profile: Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a leading European marketing automation software company. It has 750 customers around the world, including Visa, T-Mobile, and BMW.  Selligent is on a mission to make marketing personal. Its platform helps marketers build personalized multi-channel campaigns.

The Mission Critical Role of Analytics in the Marketing Cloud

Selligent’s core functionality is to deliver and track email and advertising campaigns. To that end, Selligent identified a series of campaign milestones it calls the “Happy Flow.” Measurement happens at each level. The steps are:

  • Identification
  • Send
  • Delivery
  • Open or View
  • Click
  • Covert
  • Purchase

The flow steps are a funnel with falloff at each level. Each point in the funnel is measured against the performance of the previous level. The resulting measurements are marketing quality indicators.

  • Deliverability → list quality.
  • Open rate →Subject line quality
  • Click through rate → Content quality
  • Revenue conversion → Offer quality
  • ROI → overall quality

These scores tell marketers how their marketing campaigns are performing. They are also the focal point for experimentation and optimization. Incremental improvements increase engagement at each level and drive more revenue.

The Challenge: Complex and Changing Customer Needs

Selligent places a very high value on insights and reporting. Dashboards were already part of the software platform. However, users wanted more. They wanted to be in the driver’s seat exploring, analyzing data, and making quicker decisions.

Selligent’s customers are in a variety of industries (retail, entertainment, travel, automotive, telecommunications, and financial services). Each vertical has completely different strategies and reporting needs.

Externally, the global business environment is always in flux. For example, ten years ago, mobile was not a critical medium. Today, mobile is a dominant player channel.

Unexpected events, like COVID19, also impact marketing strategies. Retailers migrated to online sales. Travel companies needed new redemption policies. Restaurants needed to offer takeout.

These external dynamics lead to business strategy changes. Strategy changes cause tactical changes. As a result, customers desired more insights and more flexibility than ever.

Finding a Fun and Easy-to-use Embedded Analytics Solution

Facing a proliferation of complex and changing needs, Selligent needed to reinvent its customer analytics experience. They needed a flexible solution that went beyond baseline analytics. They wanted to give marketers the access and control to create their own dashboards.

The exploration was led by Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud. He and his team considered many Embedded Analytics vendors like Tableau, Qlik Sense, and PowerBI. They found the bigger players offered pixel-perfect dashboards but the implementation and maintenance were very technical. The tools required specialized skills and extensive training.

They were delighted to find Luzmo because it made dashboarding easy. It also had a “sexy” fresh look. Cedric likened his first experience with Luzmo to the market reception of the iPad. Microsoft had already introduced a tablet years earlier with limited success because it was just a smaller computer. Apple had fewer features, but a fresh look and a paradigm shift in ease of use.

Just like Apple’s iPad could convince a lot of people to start using a tablet device, also non-technical people, Luzmo is doing the same thing with dashboards. By choosing Luzmo instead of the bulky BI tools, we have high confidence that our clients will heavily use the feature to build dashboards on their own.

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

Marketers are not steeped in data operations, engineering, and analysis. But they needed to be able to create data visualizations on their own with confidence. So working with Luzmo was a natural choice.

The flexibility and ease of Luzmo’s dashboard builder were unmatched in any other platform we evaluated. It is so easy and fun to use.

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

Implementing Luzmo

Luzmo helped Selligent create a double reporting layer in their platform:

To launch their client-facing reporting module, Selligent had a three-phased implementation:

  1. General reporting dashboards for all clients
  2. White-label dashboard editor for clients in premium pricing tiers
  3. Embed actions into analytics (e.g. ability to create and send email segments directly from the reporting dashboard)

Marketers consider reporting a core feature. Thus the initial focus was on core reporting that would be available for all customer tiers. The new dashboards provided basic insights on the “happy flow” described above. The dashboards are consistent across all clients. They are interactive and filter with a number of parameters

During phase two, Selligent rolled out a white-label dashboard editor. The feature allows marketers to build dashboards on their own. Prior to the release, Selligent refined its data model to be more user-friendly for public use. The feature is a paid add-on for premium customers. Selligent is excited about the monetization potential.

With embedded analytics, Selligent makes reporting part of a marketer's standard business processes
A white-label dashboard editor with custom branding. (mock-up example; not Selligent’s dashboard)

The final piece of the launch was integrating insights into business processes. The initial vision was for marketers to be able to create email segments from a dashboard insight. Selligent is excited about the potential of linking analytics to action and shortening time to value.

“We thought: Wouldn’t it be great if you could drill down in your email marketing dashboard, and then immediately create & target a segment in Selligent based on your selection? With Luzmo, marketers will be able to do this with a single click of a button! These actionable dashboards are truly innovative in our sector, and will set Selligent Marketing Cloud apart from many of our marketing automation competitors”

How Selligent connects their embedded analytics to a marketer's known and loved business processes.
Creating a segment in a Luzmo dashboard (mock-up example)

With this feature, Selligent brings a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement to its customers.

  • Create and send out a campaign
  • Monitor campaigns in the general reporting dashboard
  • Build up your own dashboard to deep-dive, or look at the campaign from a unique point of view
  • Take insight-based action and start a new pre-optimized campaign

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