10 Top Sisense Competitors for Business Intelligence in 2024

Apr 15, 2024
10 Top Sisense Competitors for Business Intelligence in 2024

Sisense is a popular BI tool that specializes in embedded analytics use cases. In a crowded data analytics space, Sisense stands out with their embedded BI positioning. For forward-thinking companies that need embedded dashboards in their SaaS app, Sisense is a logical choice.

But it’s also very expensive (if you ever find the secrets of Sisense pricing), it’s pretty complex to set up initially, and customer support could be better.

Here are some great alternatives to Sisense that could be a better fit for your needs and budget.


Sisense competitors - Luzmo

Luzmo is an embedded business intelligence platform that allows SaaS companies to add customer-facing dashboards to their product. If you value real-time embedded analytics that help your customers become more data-driven, Luzmo fixes all of the Sisense issues and adds even more value.

The interactive dashboards in Luzmo are easy to embed, thanks to a capable API and a variety of data sources. You can set up a dashboard in your product in a matter of a few hours. And to make it look great for end users, the dashboards are easy to customize so they fit into your app or website's UX and design.

Luzmo is a web-based analytics platform that has a variety of data visualization options, from bar charts to line graphs, heat maps and scatter plots.  No matter what stories you want to tell with your data, there is a visualization available for that. 

In true self-service fashion, Luzmo allows you to create dashboards for your end users, but they can also build their own dashboards in your product. Equip them with the right templates and datasets, and they can do data exploration on their own terms.

To get even more from your datasets, you can use our AI-powered embedded analytics functionality. Just upload your data, type out a prompt in English and Luzmo creates a chart for you.

And another thing you rarely see in business intelligence software - Luzmo has transparent pricing. At just $995 per month, you can launch and embed your first dashboard with 100 viewers.

The best part is - you can try Luzmo today, for free.


Sisense competitors - Looker

Looking for an app with a strong analytics engine, world-class visualizations, and capable connectors? Looker for embedded analytics has it all. Built on top of their proprietary language, LookML (a variant of SQL), it offers extensive data analytics workflows and capabilities.

The opportunities for customization are endless and Looker has one of the largest libraries of visualizations out there. To create charts, however, you have to write queries, and there is no drag-and-drop editor. So, while you have immense capabilities, you need someone with vast experience in Looker to get all the benefits.

The biggest issue with Looker though, is that the pricing is definitely for enterprise companies only. It’s one of the most expensive analytics tools out there, at about $60,000 per year for the basic package. You’ll find that pricing is a common problem with enterprise tools, from SAP Crystal to Amazon and Power BI.


Sisense competitors - Tableau

Owned by Salesforce, Tableau is one of the top performers in on-premise and cloud analytics. To compare it more fairly with Sisense, we’re going to look at Tableau’s embedded offer only. It’s important to differentiate Tableau Online and Tableau Embedded - one has view-only access, and the other one allows end users to explore the data and play with it for deeper insights.

For an embedded environment, Tableau is actually fairly easy to use, as the Tableau Embedding API helps every step of the way. However, for anything that requires a relatively complex formula or some level of automation, you’re going to need a Tableau expert.

When it comes to pricing, this analytics solution is pretty complex. You have to calculate how many users you have internally and how many customers are going to be using the dashboards to see their key metrics. However, our research shows that you can expect up to $4,200 per month for 100 end-users.

Zoho Analytics

Sisense competitors - Zoho Analytics

If you’re already using one of many Zoho apps, continuing with their data analytics setup is the logical next step. Whether it’s the CRM or something else, the native integrations make the initial setup easier.

Even beyond the Zoho app compatibility, this app is fairly easy to use for data analysis and modelling, and you won’t need a team of data scientists for the basic visualizations. While the visualizations themselves are not that vast, there is a solid choice for beginner use cases.

Prices start at 24EUR/month for 500k data rows.


Sisense competitors - Domo

For real-time data monitoring and powering up your BI strategy, Domo is a superb choice. It has the whole package, from ETL to data analytics, all the way to visualization. For those industries where monitoring metrics in real-time is crucial, Domo excels because the setup is quick and easy.

While the real-time feature is noteworthy, many users complain that the databases load very slowly if they are large in size. If you plan to base your entire analytics setup on Domo, be prepared for a steep learning curve or hire someone with previous Domo experience.

And in similar fashion to many other providers, Domo is very expensive. Reach out to them to get a personalized quote based on your needs and use case.

Qlik Sense

Sisense competitors - Qlik

Qlik for embedded analytics is a cloud-based BI tool that offers a host of great features, starting with numerous data integrations. Their associative data model allows the end-user to dynamically explore their data. This makes it useful for predictive analytics in an internal setting, but for SaaS end users, it’s not that great.

The main reason is the lack of customization and flexibility, both with the external appearance of the dashboard and the data exploration capabilities.

In similar fashion to Sisense, pricing is under a veil of secrecy and figuring out what you’re going to pay is going to require extensive research and some talks with the sales team.

Microsoft’s Power BI

Sisense competitors - Power BI

When it comes to embedded analytics, Power BI is not the absolute best option out there, but it is a solid contender. If you’re already in the PBI ecosystem (with Windows, Azure, and a multitude of other Microsoft products) and you have a developer who is proficient in this tool, creating and embedding dashboards is going to be a breeze.

There is a considerable choice of visualizations, one of the largest selections in the BI world. The embedding process in itself is not complicated, but customizing the dashboards to match the UX of your product is pretty difficult.

The biggest problem though, is that pricing is incredibly difficult to predict. It’s one of those enterprise providers that charges you for every user, data integration, the volume of data you’re using and more. In essence, prepare to talk to sales to get a precise quote.


Sisense competitors - Thoughtspot

If you’re looking for Sisense alternatives with a focus on the embedded use case, ThoughtSpot is one of the top choices out there. It’s cloud-based, it has a good selection of connectors and data sources, and a pretty welcoming user interface.

ThoughtSpot has a strong focus on AI, promising the end user that they can type out a query in natural language and the tool can then return an answer in the same form, or as visualizations. If you’re not a data science expert, this is a great shortcut that gives you faster access to business insights.

The only problem with that is, it does not really work that way. Users report that to get this feature to work, you need superb data analysis beforehand. Otherwise, ad hoc reporting with AI is just an afterthought. Data modeling is not the greatest either.

The biggest problem with ThoughtSpot is the pricing, however. It’s incredibly difficult to predict as it’s usage-based, and ThoughtSpot pulls random queries when you least expect it.


Sisense competitors - Gooddata

Ease of use is the name of the game with GoodData, which is packed rich with AI features for data analysis and exploration. For people who have never used a BI tool, you can use natural language processing to give everyone access to business insights.

Getting to use those AI features requires a bit of an initial investment in time and resources, however. Don’t go into using GoodData without at least one capable data scientist or engineer on board.

By now, you know that figuring out pricing is like navigating through a maze, like most of these tools. On top of the per-user fee, you have to pay at least $1,500 per month for the platform usage.

Amazon Quicksight

Sisense competitors - Amazon Quicksight

If you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem and you’re looking for a tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, Quicksight is a solid option. It integrates with Redshift, S3, RDS and other tools in the AWS framework.

It’s scalable and supports large volumes of data, which reflects in the speed of insights too. Their pay-as-you-go model allows you to be more flexible and save money compared to some of the alternatives on this list.

On the flip side, integrations with anything other than Amazon tools are difficult to pull off. There are not as many customization options, both in terms of the visuals you can choose and in the embedding sense.

Wrapping up

Sisense is a capable tool for big data analytics, and it performs really well for embedded use cases. However, the pricing and the fact it’s difficult to use can be enough to put off most users. Today, we gave you a list of the very best Sisense alternatives that can give you more with better pricing.

Luzmo lets you embed dashboards in your product in just a few hours, and the customization makes them look and feel like the dashboard belongs there. For true self-service analytics, we have an embedded dashboard editor and AI charts that anyone in your team can use.

Grab your free trial and see why SaaS product managers love Luzmo.

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