6 Top Domo Competitors for Business Intelligence

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Jul 1, 2024
6 Top Domo Competitors for Business Intelligence

Domo is one of the leaders in the business intelligence arena. Its wide range of products and features, real-time data, easy dashboards, and reports - are just some of the many reasons why it’s a leader in the data analytics industry.

However, you may be looking at other cloud-based tools that offer similar, if not better features at more competitive pricing and better suited for your unique business requirements.

Let’s take a look at some BI tools that give Domo a run for their money.

Why look for Domo alternatives?

If you take a look at Domo reviews, you’ll notice quite a few complaints that keep repeating from unhappy customers.

Domo - BI tool

The first one is the Domo pricing. This analytics platform is notorious for its cryptic pricing that is painfully difficult to figure out. Each potential customer gets a personalized quote and there is no way to find out your annual bill before reaching out to their sales team.

The second is their interactive dashboards. Although there are many different data visualization choices (150+), the customization options are not the best. Many times, the person creating the dashboard won’t be able to produce the kind of end result they want the end user to see.

Performance is not the greatest feature of this analytics tool. Although Domo has an amazing number of connectors and data sources, the data fetches fairly slowly, especially with big data sets.

Customer service is notoriously bad. Domo has a steep learning curve, especially for those without a data science background. If you get stuck, don’t rely on customer service because it can take days to get an answer.

Last but not least, their AI features leave much to be desired. If you want to use AI for decision-making based on Domo dashboards, you have to do significant preparation beforehand.

Now that you know why Domo is not such an amazing choice, let’s find the business intelligence platform that works better for your business analytics needs.

Top Domo competitors to consider in 2024

Maybe you want a tool like Domo, but more user-friendly. 

Or maybe, you want something with similar connectors to Domo, but better performance, more automation, and easier workflows. Whatever your data-driven team is looking for, there are some great Domo alternatives to consider and choose from.


Domo competitor - Luzmo

Looking for your next embedded analytics tool? Luzmo does not do everything that Domo does, but it excels at one thing: embedded dashboards for self-service analytics use cases.

With Luzmo, you can build advanced analytics dashboards for your product and connect them to your tool with our capable API. If you need to pull data, Luzmo integrates with a number of data warehouses and data lakes.

There is a wide variety of data visualizations to choose from, allowing you or your end users to create captivating dashboards and ad-hoc reports. Besides embedded dashboards you build as the product owner, you can allow business users to build their own with our embedded dashboard editor.

Embedding and using the dashboards is effortless for your development team. Your end users don’t need knowledge of languages such as SQL or similar to do data discovery and data exploration.

We also have a strong focus on AI and machine learning, which you can use to visualize your datasets even without previous BI knowledge.

We have a transparent pricing model and you know exactly what you’re going to pay at the end of the month and year. Last but not least, our customer support is always there for you to answer any questions.

Embed your dashboard and empower your end-users with decision-making tools they deserve. Grab a free trial of Luzmo today!


Domo competitor - Tableau

Looking for an enterprise-level tool that can be used by companies of all sizes? Whether you use it on premise or as Tableau Server, this tool has everything you need to turn complex data into actionable insights.

Owned and managed by Salesforce, Tableau has a large variety of analytics tools, data sources, and visualizations to choose from. And if you need help with your BI microstrategy, creating data pipelines, etc., you can easily find a Tableau expert for hire. Or just contact their customer support to give you a helping hand, since they’re pretty good.

The downside is that doing any kind of customization in Tableau is time-intensive and you’ll have to get expert help. The pricing can also be pretty restrictive for small businesses.

For embedded analytics, Tableau is clunky and overly complex.


Domo competitor - Looker

Domo and Looker are two common choices with enterprise audiences, and it’s no wonder that Google’s Looker gets that kind of attention. It’s very powerful, with a large number of analytics features, backed by LookML, their proprietary language for semantic data models. It’s famous for its huge variety of visualizations and the level of customization you can do in your dashboards.

There is just one slight problem with Looker and that is the fact you really need a few great developers experienced in this tool to get the kind of stunning dashboards you see online. To set up data management and modeling, you really need data science expertise.

Then there is the biggest problem of them all: Looker’s pricing is on par with Domo and you can expect your annual invoices to go into six figures, easily.

Microsoft Power BI

Domo competitor - Power BI

If you’re already using other tools in the Microsoft tool stack, grabbing the on-premise or online version of Power BI is a no-brainer. It’s based on Azure and connects to a variety of data sources and online databases, from Amazon AWS to popular data warehouses. You can create ad-hoc reports and dashboards in various shapes and formats with ease.

Thanks to its presence in the market, two things are possible. One, you can troubleshoot problems online and figure out just about any issue regarding data sources, visualizations, data modeling, etc. Second, finding a good Power BI data engineer is fairly easy.

The downside is that Power BI is not very beginner-friendly and you need at least one data specialist on board to build things up. It’s also primarily built for desktops, so don’t expect amazing performance on mobile devices or in web browsers. Also, the pricing can be restrictive if you have a small team and pay for all the licenses and queries.


Domo competitor - Sisense

Sisense is a modern, fast tool that lets you visualize your most important metrics and KPIs and it is built for modern, embedded analytics. It’s very developer-friendly and has multiple ways of building and embedding dashboards into various software tools.

The tool gets praise for its technical aspects, but at the same time, getting anything beyond the basics (e.g. predictive analytics) can be complex for beginners. You need a dedicated engineer or a few to get Sisense off the ground.

And like Domo, Sisense has a pricing model that is very secretive. We have looked at Sisense pricing though, and it costs around $10-20,000 annually to get started.

Qlik Sense

Domo competitor - Qlik sense

Qlik has a range of products that promise unearthing insights from huge piles of data. Their feature called “Stories” lets you take snapshots of data in different points in time and then compile them into a dashboard for an easy overview.

In reality, Qlik can be incredibly difficult to use, even for seasoned data scientists. The issues with performance don’t help either - datasets can take a long time to fetch and load, making it a poor choice for embedded analytics.

Also like Domo, Qlik pricing is cryptic if you’re looking for an enterprise plan.

Wrapping up

Domo has great analytics capabilities and data integration with just about any platform that exists. If you want superior data analysis and great connectivity, Domo can be an excellent choice for BI. However, it’s also plagued by slow performance, poor customization options, and pricing that requires a crystal ball to uncover.

If you’re looking for a BI tool that lets you create and embed beautiful dashboards in your software, with a drag and drop builder, great customization options, and transparent pricing.

We know it’s a complex decision, so you can book a demo with our team to learn more before trying Luzmo out.

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