Dashboard: Where Does Our Easter Chocolate Come From?

Data Visualization
Apr 9, 2023
Dashboard: Where Does Our Easter Chocolate Come From?

Every Easter, Americans buy around $1.9 billion worth of candy. With this whopping volume, Easter becomes the second holiday with the highest candy consumption in the US. Only Halloween, unsurprisingly, beats Easter!

Did you know 70% of that candy is chocolate alone? 🍫

So we wondered: where does all this chocolate come from? To answer that question, we researched some facts about the cocoa and chocolate industry around the world. For example, did you know that the weight of all cocoa produced in the last 16 years equals the weight of 29 million (Easter) bunnies? If you'd line them all up behind one another, you'd reach all the way from New York City to sunny Dubai.

This dashboard is the second installment in our new series of interactive, educational Luzmo dashboards. This month, we will dive deeper into the cocoa and chocolate industry around the world. Once again, you'll get to experience how much fun data visualization is. Everyone can use it, so don’t hesitate to give it a try yourself!

In the dashboard, you'll find all sorts of statistics about the following topics:

  • Production of cocoa beans worldwide
  • Price of cocoa & confectionery products
  • Revenue of confectionery sales worldwide

P.S. Make sure to look for all the easter eggs we've hidden in the dashboard. 👀🪺

Make use of the interactive filters to start digging deeper into the data below!

Data sources used:

World Cocoa Grindings, Statista.

World Cocoa Grindings by Region, Statista.

Top Chocolate Exporters by Country, Statista.

Top Chocolate Importers by Country, Statista.

Confectionery - Worldwide, Statista.

Global Cocoa Price, Statista.

Worldwide Confectionery Market Revenue by Country, Statista.

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