Dashboard: Women In Tech - Facts and Figures

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Mar 7, 2023
Dashboard: Women In Tech - Facts and Figures

Did you know women in software engineering make $0.93 for every dollar that men make in the sector? Gender imbalance and inequality are still very real. Luckily, diversity has become an increasingly important topic in the tech industry, with software companies making striding efforts to be inclusive.

Navigating the touchy subject of diversity and equality can be difficult. As author, comedian and ex-Yahoo/Google employee Sarah Cooper puts it:

"As a woman in the business world, I kept seeing other women make the same mistakes over and over again. Telling their coworkers they wanted to be promoted. Asking their managers for more money. Bringing visibility to their work, leading meetings, talking in meetings, looking around in meetings, and breathing in meetings. Seeing this, I knew my calling was to write a book that would stop the frustration of making an effort. I learned many of these tips while I was working in the male-dominated world of tech.”

The result is a hilarious book with a satirical undertone that many women in tech will probably identify with. 😉 However, we've taken a more objective route to celebrate International Women's Day. Check out our informative Luzmo dashboard full of facts and figures about the current representation of women in tech! 

This dashboard is the first in a new series of fun, educational Luzmo dashboards. Because we believe business intelligence isn't just for the elite few. Everyone needs smart insights to make confident decisions faster. With one entertaining dashboard every month, we want to show that data visualization is fun. And everyone can use it!

In the dashboard, you'll find all sorts of statistics about the following topics:

  • Share of women in big tech
  • Women in tech around the world
  • Hiring and career advancement per gender
  • Women in the tech workplace

Make use of the interactive filters to start digging deeper into the data! Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough on how to use the dashboard.

Women in Tech: Facts and Figures Dashboard

Data sources used for the dashboard:

Trustradius, 2020 Women in Tech Report

Statista, Women's Representation in Big Tech

Statista, Share of women working in STEM fields in 2021, by country, 2020 Top Companies for Women Technologists

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