#NoDietDay: Online Food Delivery Dashboard

Data Visualization
May 5, 2023
#NoDietDay: Online Food Delivery Dashboard

It’s Friday. You just came back from a long long, stressful workday. You’re hungry and you still have to cook. You decide to treat yourself and order some food delivery. The weekend has officially started now! 🎉 But no need to feel guilty about that, since No Diet Day is coming up this weekend! On top of that, online food delivery has become increasingly more popular over the last few years.

This made us wonder how popular ordering food online really is and what people like to eat and post about on social media. After looking for some data, we made a fun and interactive dashboard where you can find fun facts about this topic.

This dashboard is the third installment in our new series of interactive, educational Luzmo dashboards. This month, we will dive deeper into the world of online food delivery. Experience the joy of data visualization.

In the dashboard, you'll find all sorts of statistics about the following topics:

  • Most used hashtags for food and specific dishes on Instagram
  • Why people order food online
  • Online food orders vs cooking at home
  • Online food orders worldwide

Data sources used:

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