Easier Logistics Reporting for Phirater's Product Users

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Easier Logistics Reporting for Phirater's Product Users

The logistics sector is rapidly changing. More and more decisions are data-driven. There are a lot of tools that assist you with these decisions.

These data insights are really valuable for every logistics company. However there are still companies lacking the right tools to analyze their data in logistics.

So how do these tools to help reporting actually work? We had a chat with Toon Fabry, Co-founder at PhiRater, about how they integrated Luzmo in their platform.

PhiRater: Your transport intelligence tool

PhiRater is an online transport intelligence tool. It removes all the hassle and complexity of your transport ordering management.

PhiRater can automatically compare your leadtimes, rates etc. and presents you the best solution, whether it’s the most budget-friendly option, the highest quality, the fastest delivery or utmost sustainability. It also supports your pragmatic process from transport ordering to automatic invoice.

PhiRater offers insights providing valuable input for tactical and strategic decision making and therefore enabling further improvement.

At first, we only had a very basic way of reporting, using only 4 different types of standard charts. So, we decided it was time to expand our reporting capabilities. Now I can persuade clients based on the dashboards I make with Luzmo. Even though I am nowhere near a computer expert.  Even someone who has no experience in data reporting can make beautiful dashboards with Luzmo.

Toon Fabry – Co-founder PhiRater

Adding dashboards to the PhiRater platform

Before the integration with Luzmo, we had little reporting tools. The 4 basic charts didn’t do the job. We create a lot of data as a transport intelligence tool but before Luzmo this data remained just raw data. After the collaboration it became visual.

Reporting with visual dashboards is very crucial in logistics. You can see what happens in real-time. Therefore you can make the right analysis in no time and make adequate decisions. Thanks to the integration with Luzmo, clients can now view or create a ready-made report in a few clicks.

Toon Fabry – Co-founder PhiRater

Adding dashboards to the platform was a logical choice for the company. A visual, easy and fast alternative for reporting. The question was rather: “how do we add it to the platform?” The ‘build or buy’ decision is not always easy. For PhiRater, however, the benefits of an integration (versus in-house development) were clear from the start:

By integrating Luzmo into our system we save ourselves a lot development time. We also don’t have the right knowledge to go for the in-house development. But even then we can make it all work perfectly by integrating it.

Toon Fabry – Co-founder PhiRater

Faster logistics insights for clients

The PhiRater dashboarding module is operational since two years . The integration saved a lot of time for the company compared to when they would have done it themselves.

The reactions were very positive. Internally, but also externally. It was ideal for PhiRater because it was the perfect sales argument. For the clients it was very beneficial because they could get accurate insights in their data in real-time.

Insights in data, I love it!
Finally insights in the truckload of data that we generate.
A healthy basis to make business decisions on.

Anonymous testimonials – clients of PhiRater

Which KPIs are important for logistics?

To get the data from the PhiRater platform into the dashboards, they connected their own database to Luzmo.

A very large part of our customer base uses our dashboards for reporting. We make all the dashboards customized for every single clients, because everyone reports on different parameters. Our biggest client uses it for budgeting, reports to the managers and adjusts if needed based on the collaboration between PhiRater and Luzmo

Toon Fabry – Co-founder PhiRater

The KPIs that are visually reported are different for every customer. Because every customer has his own needs and business. However you have some KPIs that return more often like others, for example: euros paid per tonne, average weight per shipment and average euro per shipment.

Key-advantage: user-friendliness

Having a visual reporting module as part of the application has many benefits. The main benefit is the user-friendliness:

As PhiRater, we want our transport intelligence tool to be as easy, user-friendly as possible. From that angle, Luzmo is a very suitable extension to our platform. Even people without any technical knowledge can build very beautiful and easy to interpret dashboards.

Toon Fabry – Co-founder PhiRater

PhiRater and their clients can now analyze their logistics data in the most easy & user-friendly way. Both for internal and external reporting.

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