Safer Driving with Sentiance’s Insights Control Tower

March 6, 2024

Mieke Houbrechts

Safer Driving with Sentiance’s Insights Control Tower

Company profile: Sentiance

Annoyed by tailgaters during your morning commute? Or quite the opposite: you’re stuck in the slow lane, running late for a meeting? Sending a text with one eye on the road, because it really can’t wait? It’s no secret that driving is stressful, and accidents happen quickly.

Luckily, new technologies are making traffic safer. Sentiance, a mobility and motion insights company, is the perfect example. They capture motion sensor data from smartphones, and turn it into actionable insights to support safe driving. 

Big players in the mobility space, like ride-hail and delivery, auto insurance, etc. are using Sentiance as a layer in their platform to create mobility profiles and action plans for safer, efficient driving.

But how do they translate millions of sensor data into visual, actionable reports? Meet the Insights Control Tower, a new and improved Sentiance product, powered by Luzmo’s embedded analytics platform!


Antwerp, Belgium


Software as a Service, Mobility


25-50 employees

Customer-facing reporting challenges

❌ Pressure on Product Owners to figure out a new domain of “driving safety” quickly

❌ Lack of data and insights to raise awareness on unsafe driving behavior

❌ Developing custom mobility reports is time-consuming

Solution with embedded analytics

✔ More impact through quick, actionable insights into driving behaviors

✔ Quickly scale reporting to many product users with different use cases

✔ Time-savings for data scientists and engineers

The overwhelming task of driver safety

Imagine a day in the life of Paul. He’s a Product Owner at HungryTummy, a fictional food delivery service. Recently, more and more of their drivers have been involved in road accidents. They’ve been dealing with disability claims, rising insurance costs and unsatisfied customers.

So, Paul has been tasked to figure out this new domain of “driver safety” for their food delivery app. And to do it quickly. Because the company is under pressure to deliver relevant safety information. Not only to internal stakeholders in driver operations, but also to external regulators, drivers on the app, app users, etc.

Paul doesn’t know where to start. How can he collect data on driving safety with explicit user consent? And how can he make sure this information is presented in an insightful way to all his stakeholders? Especially when driver behavior, traffic laws and business needs change constantly?

Insights Control Tower: mobility reports at a glance

Paul discovered Sentiance, who provides a mobile SDK which he can layer into their app to capture all of that mobility data using motion sensors. Speeding, calling while driving, sudden braking or acceleration,… All these indicators of unsafe driving are captured. 

To help product owners like Paul, Sentiance built an extended product alongside their SDK: the Insights Control Tower. This web-based tool gives companies like HungryTummy access to intuitive dashboards on driving insights from various angles. Users like Paul can play around with these reports, and share insights with the driver operations team, legal team and other stakeholders in an easy way.

  • dynamically slice and dice data
  • explore rider reports based on region, time frames,…
  • deep-dive into driving scores and trip data for each driver.
  • export charts and tables as PNG to share in reporting slide decks

With these interactive, insightful dashboards, product owners like Paul can empower better decision-making on driving safety, and build a safer future for their drivers on the road.

A mobility dashboard in action

The dashboards in the Insights Control Tower (ICT) are backed by Luzmo’s powerful embedded analytics platform. With Luzmo, Sentiance was able to scale end-user analytics faster across their entire customer base.

“We have standard insights available for every customer. If they want a custom report, our data scientists can easily click together a new dashboard in Luzmo. A full-stack engineer can embed that dashboard in the Insights Control Tower with zero effort. We can now produce and expose reports in a fraction of the time it would have cost us to build it fully ourselves.” 

- David Damen, Chief Technology Officer at Sentiance

A scalable set-up for Sentiance, and an incredible value-add for Product Owners like Paul!

Mobility teams can take action on these insights in multiple ways.

  • identify if drivers in certain regions drive more safely than in other regions
  • identify low safety regions to run campaigns to improve driving behavior
  • use dashboards to track improvements in behavior improvement during and after safety campaigns
  • understand the common types of unsafe driving behavior, in order to roll out driving behavior improvement campaigns with impact
  • identify the worst drivers

Curious to see what a mobility dashboard could look like? Explore two interactive mock dashboards from Sentiance below!

Riders report: a helpful overview to compare on which days the most driving activity takes place, in which regions, and how rider count evolves over time.

Regional driver safety analysis: a comparison of risky driving behavior in different regions.

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If you’re active in the mobility sector, check out Sentiance to learn more about their mobility insights products!

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